Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Hello, Mr. Mailman

Dear Me,

I'll be heading to the post office anytime this week so I decided to prep the stuff I'm planning to mail - that would be a couple of postcards for my friends and some books mooched from me via

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I was planning to do all the preps the other day but since Miguel had been so restless during the daytime, I had to put it off.

It has been my predilection to gather/pile all the things I will use in one place before I literally sit down on it to accomplish the task.

And so it looked like this:

a heap of books, green box containing my postcard collection, stuff like scissors, glue and tape, new envelopes, recyclable plastics and bubble wraps

Sitting in the floor, I was a little messy - stuff strewn around me.

The books which are mooched from me via Bookmooch are the first to go. Everytime I will send out books, I include small notes in stationeries that will go in the package. Then, I will wrap them in plastic to avoid getting wet while in transit towards its destination. Afterwards, I'll enclose them in thick envelopes, write the contact information of the recipients.

Just today, I decided to do some recycling. Instead of buying all the time, I was informed that I could still utilize those envelopes and bubble wraps from the packages I had received before. At first, I was against it but then, I got the idea of being environment-friendly and pocket-friendly (hehehe). And so, I used them and they looked pretty decent to me. :)

Next, the postcards. I mentioned before that I'm into
Postcrossing. I'm out to send five (5) postcards to someone in Taiwan, Finland, France, the Netherlands and USA. I have some stamps (not only do I collect postcards, I'm also starting to collect stamps) with me so I made the initiative of sticking them in my postcards.

The output of my endeavor:

I also organized these recyclables for my next use. :)

The over-all result:

Mind you, I had fun. All throughout the task, Miguel was sleeping soundly in his crib. I was able to sweep the floor after tidying up. :)

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  1. Great job on getting to the Mailman! I always struggle with those things!

  2. Your finished packages look BEAUTIFUL! It'd be a joy to receive something other than a bill in the mail!

  3. Nice tackle-it project! I have a tendency to think these type of things don't count but we all know they do - feels good when its done, right?

    Thanks for visiting my T.I.T.!

  4. You were busy! I love the flowers on the packages! It is so great you take such care in packing your things. I hate getting things from eBay that are thrown into a package with no care. They could take a lesson from you!

  5. Yesterday I finally got some Ebay items out that I had sold. Something that doesn't take much time to do, always seems to take so much time to start!
    Congrats on getting your tackle done!
    Come visit my blog!

  6. Awesome tackle! And kudos for finding a way to be environmentally friendly in your hobbies. :)

  7. Great job, and I am glad to hear that you are recycling envelopes.

  8. I recycle all the envelopes too! Whenever I have to mail out books (usually two or three a week) I go to my stack of envelopes they came to me in, and then I tape them up good. I wanted nice new ones at first, but it does get expensive. I think they go out looking alright - yours look nice!

    Thanks for being such a loyal visitor to my book blog! (I've got another one for parents if you haven't been there yet - dkMommy Spot. (Hope I linked it right!)

  9. BookMooch! I've been a member since December last year, but I still haven't put anything on my list. It's nice to know that the Manila BookMoochers circle is growing! Hopefully, I'll have my books up next week. I can't wait to Mooch!

    How was your Mooching experience so far?


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