Friday, March 28, 2008


Dear Me,

For the past three (3) days,
Miguel has kept us awake till the super wee hours of the morning rendering us disoriented throughout the day. Hubby goes to work while I do some house chores while Miguel sleeps soundly, catching up with his deprived slumber.

So for the first time, Miguel and I stayed in our bedroom the whole time.

While he was deep in his dream land, I was busy tidying up our cluttered room.

Folding the clean laundry, arranging my books in a neat pile off the shelves (it's already full), picking up the stuff strewn down in the floor, putting things in their rightful places, etc.

Well, it was a productive day for I was able to do a couple of tasks. :)

Like being silently compensated for having a day such as that, hubby arrived with food and a surprise. :) He had a take-home dinner from
McDo: a chicken rice meal and my all-time fave, their regular yum burger. His surprise: two (2) more Margaret Truman paperbacks in addition to my growing book collection of this former First Daughter of the White House (US)-cum-Washington author. :)

Retiring through the night in between feeding Miguel at odd hours, I kept myself awake reading Life, Italian Style: Quotes And Quips From Notable Italian Americans authored by Erica Merino.

It's a lovely book, I tell you. It's a collection of chic and smart one-liners and insights of famous Italian Americans about the diverse aspects of human life.

Italians? They're such a distinct race from the continent of Europe. I love their unique heritage for they celebrate life with zest and passion.

I'm halfway through this and I'm enjoying it. Check this book out! :)

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  1. Nice books... I might take a look at Fully Booked one of this weekends and see if I can grab a few of what you have there... I especially like the Italian thing, perhaps the Italian blood in me... :)


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