Saturday, June 21, 2008

PhotoHunt: Water

Dear Me,

I'm here on and off. But today is Saturday and I'm enjoying my leisure time in front of my laptop.

Here are my WATER themes for today: from the hydroelectric power plants.

taken while in a tree-planting activity with the MFPI

This is water from the Angat Hydroelectric Power Plant supplying potable water and energy to Metro Manila and nearby areas.

taken during a sidetrip while on business travel to Iligan

This one is the Agus 6 Hydroelectric Plant also known as the Maria Cristina Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant, named after the famous scenic waterfalls. 90% of its water is utilized in producing energy to supply 80% of the entire Mindanao island.

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  1. Wow i miss that falls. We have a field trip in our school when i was in high school and its bad i did not see that place because my mom did not let me allow me to go with the group. Mine is up too...

  2. This is just magnificent... the power of God displayed in the forces of nature! Great shot! I'll have to go and visit Angat myself one of these days. :)

  3. Love the waterfall! I can almost hear the water thundering down the cliff!!!

    My 'water' theme this week is a road trip along the coastline of South Texas...ending at an historical mansion. Come by for a visit if you can!! Lots of pictures this time...hope you'll enjoy the history.

  4. like you, my entry this week is also waterfall. lovely pics, make me miss home! thanks for sharing

  5. i have always love the falls though i havent seen one yet.

  6. hi, MCF is really Iligan's pride! :)

  7. Water power. Beats me why some areas have low water supply.


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