Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Because Our Schedule Didn't Push Through

Dear Me,

Supposedly, hubby and I would be bringing dear baby
Miguel for his pedia check-up today. Well, hubby decided to re-schedule it for tomorrow. Hmm.

Anyway, my house chores' (what else am I supposed to do at home? hehehe) list is jampacked today.


  • Wednesday means laundry day! [ONGOING] [DONE!]

  • check the previous grocery stocks (I don't want expired products in the house) [DONE!]

  • sweep and mop the floors [SWEEP - DONE! MOP - LATER] **[SOON]

  • "relocate" the dining area [MAYBE LATER IN THE AFTERNOON] **[SOON]

  • dust off the chairs [AFTER I DO THE LAUNDRY] **[SOON]

  • gather all trash [LATER IN THE AFTERNOON] [DONE!]

That's it for today aside from feeding, bathing and taking care of the little angel. :)

It's chow time! I'm starving.

PS. **updated 7/31

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  1. pahingi naman nang nestle' cream kasi wala yan dito..heheh! joke!


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