Monday, August 25, 2008

My Blog Is All About...

Dear Me,

I'm checking out
Wordle. I've been seeing this fantabulous 'word clouds' as generated by this site. The words that have been used frequently in a certain site/link will make up one's word cloud.

I 'wordled' this site and here's what I got:

If you don't have a blog or site of your own, you can also type in a bunch of words and see what you've got.

Once you've generated your own 'word cloud,' you can tune it to your own liking. You can modify the fonts, color appearance and the lay-out, too.

You also have the option to include your own word cloud in their gallery and share it with the others.

PS. I want to have a colored hard copy so I further tweaked mine by personalizing it.

Feel like sharing yours? :)


  1. I just wordled for the first time.
    It's fun!
    I went simple for the first.
    Tomorrow's will be more colorful.
    I'm letting the group know all about it :)

  2. this is very cool...i've never seen it before & look forward to giving it a try. welcome to she who blogs...we're glad to have you & your gorgeous blog in the group!

  3. hey girls, thank you for the welcome. I hope to have fun at SWB. :)


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