Sunday, August 31, 2008

The World Around Me

Dear Me,

I have been trying to keep up with the world. Ever since I jumped out of the corporate world, I had been neglectful of my surroundings and the events that keep altering human history.

While at it, I:

  • was shocked to learn that New Orleans in the US would be struck harder than Hurricane Katrina since three (3) years ago. According to Mayor Nagin, Hurricane Gustav is the "mother of all storms." New Orleans city officials had issued a mandatory evacuation procedures on Saturday to its residents for fear of life-threatening situations.

  • pray that the Thai government will soon find a way out of its political turmoil. Accused of corruption and of rallying the return of the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, elected Premier Samak Sundaravej is firm on his stand not to resign despite the countless siege of protesters and demonstrators.

  • felt pity over the tragedy that has befallen the poor people in Northern India. A dam that broke down in Nepal had greatly contributed to the floods that have severely affected millions of farmers, their families, homes and livelihood. According to the report, the possibility of returning to their homes is nil. This is the worst floods that happened in the area in fifty (50) years.

  • recalled my Political Science professor back in UP while trying to relate the comments aired by Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister, about the manipulative maneuvers of the Georgia conflict by the USA. This university professor lectured us back then that the US have created political plots in other countries to benefit their government.

    PS. So what things/events have been happening around you or in your country? Care to share?
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