Friday, October 31, 2008

Hopping In The Book-Shopping Wagon

Dear Me,

Ever since the new bookshelves got settled in, the hubby seemed to get in the fun of buying books for my bookshelves. He sort of knew my favorite authors as well as those books I wanted to add to complete my collection.

Sometimes, he also purchases books for me when he thinks that I'm gonna like the plot.

It all started when I got interested in Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer. Later on, hubby began collecting all his written works and Blood Work was the first.

The 2nd book,
When In Rome: A Novel Of Piazzas And Passion was a book off my wishlist.

Another Michael Connelly book, a hardcover Echo Park.

A paperback for someone, Black Hawk Down.

The Pilot's Wife, which is part of my Oprah Book Collection.

Bloodlines, which hubby bought out of impulse because of the interesting story line.

I once mentioned to hubby that I also would like to collect all
Janet Evanovich books and he got me Two for The Dough.

Another Evanovich book, a hardcover Plum Lovin'.

Hot Six, another Janet Evanovich book.

Hubby wanted to collect
Sue Grafton's alphabet mystery series beginning from A. So he got himself this one (which I am sure he won't be reading at all) - A Is For Alibi.

The Closers by Michael Connelly.

Does your hubby or boyfriend or anyone at home shares your passion of reading and collecting books or even purchasing them just for you? :)


  1. nice books.

    i tried persuading my little bro and sis to read books. but i'm still not successful, although my bro likes reading short stories instead.

    my father once bought me a novel with american indians in it. He knew i liked them. And if by chance he'd have more time to spare, i think he would read, too. as for my mom, hmmm.. =)

  2. wow, bless your hubby for being supportive of your reading "addiction" =)

    and yay, you like the stephanie plum series, too? i hope you complete the series. they're god to keep.

    happy reading!

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    pls visit for more info.

    thanks dear!

  4. haha, sorry, it's supposedly pala. sorry!!!

  5. oi parang gusto ko nyang The Closers

  6. i influenced hubby to read a few books,but yes,he loves buying books for me,actually his first ever gift to me was a book by Stephen King, Everything's Eventual.
    Your post makes me miss my books that is now sitting in some rented storage in US.:(


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