Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nuffnang Philippines

Dear Me,

It was exactly September 1st when I first signed up with
Nuffnang. It was sheer curiosity when I surfed through Singaporean and Malaysian blogs. I read through the site and thought of hopping in when Nuffnang came to Philippine shores. is Asia's first and leading blog advertising community.

Our online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto the thousands of local blogs that are signed up with us.

Here's a little backgrounder from the Nuffnang website:

In late May of 2006, 2 university students, Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen sat having a bento box lunch in London.

Exams were looming, but as with all the conversations between these two greenhorns, the topic was enterprise.

Having both experienced entrepreneurship during their student years, they were like over eager bunnies, ready to unleash their ideas on their home markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

It was in this cozy restaurant that the seeds of were planted.

The decision was made to start a business, but what business?

Timothy then, had a deep rooted passion in the recent phenomenon of blogging. Having gathered an admirable following of readers with a blog he started with a friend, he lamented over how there was a dearth of relevant and lucrative advertising dollars.

Asia would soon have it's very own blog advertising community.

Months of planning went into

And on the business plan, a modest target of 300 bloggers within 3 months had been set.

Even with those targets, there were skeptics, not least the two initiators. was launched on 27th Feb 2007 and within the first 3 days, had signed up 300 bloggers. was to follow suit 2 months later on the 30th of April.

Today, there are 40,000 bloggers in both countries, and Nuffnang has received publicity from all corners, having been featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star Malaysia, and The Straits Times Singapore.

Thousands of bloggers have been served ads by numerous bluechip companies, such as Nike, Citibank, Nokia, F&N, Walls, AirAsia, Honda, and many more.

More importantly, the community in Nuffnang has flourished, and it has truly become a focal point for bloggers in Malaysia and Singapore. Our bloggers call themselves Nuffnangers, an organic development that we are proudest of.

The best is yet to be.

I inserted the code in my template and just left it there. For a while, the only thing that had been appearing was the ad, "Nuffnang has arrived in the Philippines."

A week after I signed up, I received another email from Nuffnang about having a promo entitled 68 Bloggers: We Want You! Nuffnang wanted 68 bloggers who would share what they knew, give suggestions and comments and create a venue where everyone could chat and share their views and thoughts. All they had to do:
  • Place an ad unit in their site for one whole month so people can distinguish that they're not just a blogger but a Nuffnanger.

  • Be an exclusive member of Nuffnang by registering.

  • Post an entry describing one feature of Nuffnang that they like best.

  • Share to readers the experiences in signing-up at Nuffnang, like on how to register, be an exclusive member and how to post an ad unit.

  • Send the link entry to email address

Well, I failed to do that despite receiving the message. I was quite preoccupied during that week.

Anyway, the list of 68 bloggers was posted

And then, an outdoor video ad was posted in Guadalupe (causing traffic) to support their online efforts.

I have read in the forums about skepticisms of bloggers about this site. Some of them have deleted the codes, others plainly maintained it hoping that something will happen soon.

Well, I was surprised to see this morning that mine showed something new. It's the first and new ad from Nuffnang Philippines.

The Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia

This is Nuffnang's PH 1st ad. 2nd Media Communications will make it possible for art masterpieces to be visible for commuters along major metropolis' thoroughfares. The launch of the biggest outdoor gallery in Asia hopes to support the ongoing movement of saving the environment.

Actually, I did not expect any ad to show up because I don't have much traffic in this blog. My blog isn't outstanding nor monetized (actually I am thinking of making money from this blog without sacrificing the basic reason for blogging and that is, scribbling what's in my head).

According to the site, bloggers chosen by the advertiser will receive an email regarding the specification of the ad unit that will be embedded on their respective blog sites. Blogs with a minimum of 20 unique visitors per week will be prioritized on the list. For this week (as of writing), I already have 36 unique visitors (if I understood it correctly).

(Sometimes, the ad disappears and then flashes back again in your blog. I wonder why...)

What I like about Nuffnang is that it's new in the country and not yet congested with too many members. Sometimes, the excitement wanes when you like to join and for a newbie, too much information is suffocating.

Another thing about I like is that the idea behind this site. Only two (2) heads cooked it up and viola! Simply amazing, don't you think? :)

So if you're up to it, better register and be a Nuffnanger, too. Visit this site and provide the pertinent information about yourself. After signing up, insert the Nuffnang ad html code in your blog. It's easy as ABC. :)

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