Friday, November 21, 2008

Goals & Aspirations

Dear Me,

For the coming new year, I am contemplating a lot of things that I would like to attain and more so, to aspire for. I think I have been lax with my goals since 2007 and this year for I've been 'sort of' slowed down with my resignation from my job of almost seven (7) years as well as the birth of my baby.

Now that
Miguel is growing up and a little manageable than before, I think I can now start planning and doing things to help me grow as an individual as well as a good daughter to my parents, wife to my hubby and mom to my son.

  • Love myself. I would like to start exercising so I can gain back my weight and body frame I was still single. I would like to join 3k-5k-10k runs to help me start my goal. I would like to stay healthy, fit and strong not only for myself but also for my family. I am feeling depressed whenever I look through my wardrobe and discover that I can't don my favorite clothes anymore. Besides, I don't want my husband taking a second glance at sexy women. Hehehe.

  • Have an organized home. It has always been my dream to live in a house devoid of unnecessary stuff. I think I better start fully de-cluttering our place. I've been putting this off early this year.

  • Be thankful to God. The Almighty has blessed me well and I think I've been neglectful of my duties. I pray that I'll feel His unwavering power and love once more.

  • Keep tabs with the family expenses. I would like to schedule trips to the supermarket for the groceries and other needs. Allocate well for utilities' expenses.

  • Feed my literary mind. I've been complaining about the growing and towering pile of TBR books. Year 2009, I'll make sure that I'll read more books and enrich my knowledge about literature.

  • Start saving big. Make sure that there's enough money to be allocated monthly in our family savings.

  • More time with my folks. I was never a good daughter, I think. I would like to spend more quality time with them. They're already old and I would like to do nice things for them.

  • Memories are forever but best when captured. Since I am in the process of sorting my photo archive, I would be more than pleased to see our best moments kept in an album. It is an overwhelming feeling to flip through the pages and reminisce the best, happy times of our lives, especially that of Miguel. :)

  • Learn a hobby. It can either be beading, photoshopping (as in Photoshop), scrapbooking or digiscrapping, cooking (new dishes).

  • Study writing as a career. I'm not actually sure yet about this thing but I would like to get started.

  • Cherish my son's growing years. Spend more time with Miguel by playing with him and his toys. I also would like to start teaching him the basics. I would love him to enjoy doing all those things. :)

  • One journal. Consolidate all my writing stuff in one journal so I wouldn't be looking in a lot of notebooks.

I absolutely agree with Mr. Viloria about this:
The thinking behind this is that when we take the time to write down on paper (or type in a document or blog post) our personal goals, that simple and deliberate act sets things into motion.

I think that as early as now, I have laid down the things I want to do next year so as to have a fresh start and new leash in life. :)

PS. This is my entry for the Moleskine Notebook Giveaway 2008.


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Manuel Viloria said...

Thanks for joining! :) And here's wishing you success, health, and happiness in the coming year! (and beyond)

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