Saturday, November 29, 2008

Participating In 52WoC

Dear Me,

I've initially bumped into
Shai's blog during my first few years in blogging. I used to 'lurk' at her blog because I love to read what she writes. Her entries are interesting and smartly written.

Then, I kinda lost her link.

I think it is early this year that I got to read her blog again. I like her style of writing better than before. :)

While reading through her entries, I learned about her
52 Weeks of Blog Community project or better known as 52WoC. She started it "to encourage networking and support amongst bloggers for a full year."

To fully understand this endeavor, feel free to visit for more information.

I joined
Month 7 (Weeks 27-30 but was not able to accomplish cited tasks) wherein each week a particular fun task was carried out.

Although I didn't complete all tasks, I won a prize for simply participating. I coveted a pair of original gocco prints.

I'm off to Month 8 (Weeks 31 - 35).

I prepped my holiday fun swap right after Shai emailed me who my swap partner would be. I am expecting to go to the local post office to mail a good number of postcards, letters and packages to family and friends for the holidays.

I'm still thinking of whom to interview, though. Hmm.

I'll be thinking this over the weekend amidst weekend walks, soiled diapers, scribbling holiday greetings, etc.

Have a fantastic and hopefully, an all-out sunny (without rain) but not-scorchingly hot weekend!


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