Sunday, January 25, 2009

AXN Big Challenge 2009

Dear Me,

Woohoooohooo! I was browsing the upcoming local
AXN Big Challenge 2009 and commented to hubby about it. He just told me that his officemates and him are joining the sports challenge. I thought he was just goofing me because he knew that he hadn't done anything to stay fit. But he just said that it was just for fun and that it was his workmates who enticed him to join them.

Well, I kinda envy him. Hahaha. I would like to join, too but I couldn't and wouldn't. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I'm happy for him and for the first step, I wish that they qualify.

This is for the sports-challenged and fun-looking people out there. Send in your
registration NOW for this day, January 25, is the last day to sign up.

What: AXN Big Challenge 2009
When: February 7, 2009 - Saturday
Where: Mall of Asia (MOA)

  1. Form 3 members per team
  2. Submit a team photo
  3. Tell AXN why you deserve to be in the challenge


Cash and other prizes worth US$1000.

Rules and Regulations:

The AXN B!G Challenge 2009 will cover the areas within the Mall of Asia compound. Your teams will be tested on your physical endurance, planning and strategies, problem solving, and teamwork in a series of challenges along the race against 24 other teams.


  • The AXN B!G CHALLENGE 2009 will have a race duration of 5 hours as its cut-off time.

  • Every team will be provided with a race kit, comprised of the race event T-Shirt, passport, race map, and instruction booklet upon registration on the race date itself.

  • The instruction booklet will contain the necessary information of each of all the challenges in this race. It will detail the location, time limit, mechanics, bonuses and/or penalties of each of the challenges. Said instruction booklet will be provided in full to allow the qualified teams to plan in advance.

  • Moving from one challenge to another will be on random basis, hence, teams will be given freehand in planning and deciding as to which challenge to take and in what order.

  • The main objective of each team is to complete all the given tasks and/or challenges in this race, the most efficient and fastest possible way.

    How To Win

  • The AXN B!G CHALLENGE 2009 will mainly be based on the total points garnered of each team and not just on speed in finishing.

  • At the end of the race, the cut-off time will be converted into points - wherein - one minute is equivalent to 1 point. Each of the team's finishing time will be deducted from the cut-off time. The sum of which will be converted to points then added on to the team's actual points garnered from each of the challenges.

  • In this case, the first team to finish does not mean that they are automatically the winner unless they are the ones to get the highest number of points.


  • All participants must wear the Race T-shirt and bring along the team passport during the race. Losing these items will lead to race disqualification.

  • Use of all electronic devices during the race other than wristwatches is prohibited (e.g. personal mobile phone, pager, radio, etc, unless otherwise advised by the Organizer). Teams are also not allowed to carry cash with them during the race. All mobile devices MUST be surrendered to the registration marshal upon registration to be sealed. Teams are only allowed to break the seal to use their mobile devices during an emergency, or after the team races.

  • The teams will have to complete the challenge in all checkpoints (CP).

  • A CP/Station Marshal can be found in each of the challenge location. Their main responsibility is to remind the teams of any safety concern, ensure that team implementation is in accordance to the challenge instructions; recording of the team points; and, stamp the AXN Logo in the team passport upon completion of the challenge. It is the team's sole responsibility to have their passport stamped by the CP Marshal.

  • Race Disqualification: If team does not adhere to the race rules and conditions specified herein, the team will be disqualified immediately. The team MUST hand in their race passport to the race marshal immediately.

  • PUSHING AND SHOUTING at each other or any individual in this establishment is NOT allowed during the race, any breach of this rule will lead to immediate team disqualification.

  • Organizers reserve the right to change the race rules and conditions at any time. No further correspondence will be entertained.

  • Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Sponsors and Organizers will not be held liable for injury, loss or damage incurred.

  • Sponsors and Organizers will not be held liable for any inconvenience caused for prize takings.

  • Sponsors and Organizers reserve the right to substitute designated prizes with other prizes with similar or equal value in case it is necessary.


  • A team will be automatically disqualified should one member drop out of the race.

  • Any voluntary withdrawal of a team or team member must be made at the nearest Checkpoint, except in medical emergency cases where the team MUST then contact the nearest designated Race Official to inform them of their decision at their earliest convenience.

  • The Race Organizer reserves the right to decide if the team or person may continue for health safety or other reasons.

  • The Race Organizer reserves the right to disqualify a team or person for not following the instructions of the Race Organizer and/or any race official/marshal. The Race Organizer's decision is always final.

  • Failure to abide by the race rules and conditions including but not limited to those specified in this race entry form will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Any discrepancies during the race must be reported to the nearest Marshal. Organizer's decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entertained after that.

  • Rude behavior or arguing with Race Officials, Marshals, other teams or the public will result in automatic disqualification.

    RACE SAFETY: Participant's Responsibility

  • Every competitor is responsible for his/her involvement in the race and is the sole judge of whether he/she should begin or continue competing in the race. However, the Race Organizer reserves the absolute right and discretion to stop a competitor from starting or continuing the race, if in the Race Organizer's opinion the competitor is likely to cause himself/herself injury either by starting or continuing the race and/or compromise the safety of the competitors, team mates and/or the safety of the other competitors and/or safety of the Public during the race. The Race Organizer's decision will be final.

  • Participants who are not certain of their physical and/or mental capacities to participate in this race are advised to consult a registered and practicing doctor prior to participation.

  • If participants feel unwell during the race, they must stop and ask for medical attention from the support crew/marshal along the race route.

    Last call, do register here if you and your friends are interested to join!

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