Thursday, February 12, 2009

Household: Vinegar Usage

Dear Me,

I've been reading a lot of magazines lately and usually, I see household tips concerning vinegar use.

  1. Ants hate vinegar; so spray it around doorways and other areas they frequent to repel them.

  2. Vinegar also is very good to clean off chewing gum stains from clothes; usually normal cleaning products are not capable of cleaning off chewing gum, so rubbing with vinegar before the machine wash should do the trick.

  3. Pour boiling white vinegar down a clogged drain to remove the obstruction.

  4. A few tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with a few teaspoons of common table salt makes an excellent cleanser for cleaning badly-stained stainless steel cookware. This vinegar and salt mixture also can remove oxidation from copper-clad cookware and make it shine with practically no rubbing required.

  5. Vinegar can also be used as a glass cleaner either mixed with water or used neat in a spray bottle. Use full strength vinegar to polish chrome and stainless steel.

  6. Vinegar is effective in removing rust from metals and for cleaning ice-skate blades.

  7. Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener by adding half the amount of vinegar as you would of your usual softening agent.

  8. For pet owners, white vinegar poured onto pet urine mishaps on carpets, then blotted up with paper towel will prevent staining and odor.

  9. Old, stiff paintbrushes can be revived by dipping them into heated white vinegar for a couple of hours, followed by a rinse in soapy water. Beats using turpentine!

  10. Place a small container of vinegar in your toilet and bathroom to eliminate odors. A half cup of vinegar added to a toilet bowl left overnight removes bowl odor. The smell of the vinegar will also dissipate overnight.

I think I'm going to experiment on the following:

#1 - Our living room has ants of all kinds. I want to get rid of them for the sake of my little boy.

#3 - I'm thinking of using this in the kitchen sink for maintenance purposes.

#9 - This will be a nice suggestion to my father who's doing a lot of painting in the house lately. :)

#10. I will try this, too, instead of using Toilet Duck or Domex.

Aside from culinary and medicinal benefits, vinegar seems to provide cheaper and environment-friendly alternative usage.

I wonder if there are also other household tips using vinegar.

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