Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet Treat: S'mores Chocolate Cake

Dear Me,

I only have a sweet tooth for chocolates. I'm a glutton when it comes to those yummy, munchy bars. I can never stop at one choco bar a day. It's like coffee for me; this time, with a sweet kick!

Before I don't like cakes. Cake shops these says are so innovative and original that I can't help myself but utter a ooohh, ahhh, uummph!

Normally, he first thing that usually piques our interest about a particular cake is its appearance. Just by looking at it elicits a very distinctive pleasing sensation. :)

Second is the name of these delectable cakes. Hearing your favorite sweets concocted in these mouth-watering cakes is such pure delight.

And the one thing that makes all the differences worth indulging in such a sweet sin is its taste! Delightful, delectable, divine! :)

Together with a steaming mug of coffee, it is such a tremendous bliss to be captivated with my new favorite, S'mores Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop!

Delightfully moist chocolate chiffon cake, made more heavenly with layers of soft marshmallow and grahams, wrapped in the goodness of rich whipped chocolate and chocolate cookie crumbs. Topped with luscious caramel, cream kisses and chocolate squares.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop
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Heart of Rachel said...

I've seen this cake at RR but haven't tried it yet. It looks delightful and it must taste as good as it looks.

Azrael Coladilla said...

masarap yan smores.grabe...

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

try Starbucks' choco marshmallow cake!! sinfully addicting! :D

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