01 March 2009

Who Made You Interested In Reading?

Dear Me,

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Actually, the right question would be What or WHAT PLACE made me start reading.

Back when I was in elementary, our library wasn't a friendly place at all. It was kinda dark and gloomy, more like scary because only a handful number of souls go there.

But I dared myself and learned to peek through the ominous-looking mahogany shelves. I saw books, small and big, entirely hardbounds and discovered
Nancy Drew.

It was my break time and my Chinese classes were about to start. I only read a few pages and I got hooked. From there on, I sneaked every available time I had just to go to our scary library to read Nancy Drew.

Our handsome although stern-looking librarian caught up with me one time and asked me why I frequent the library (he said that during that time I was the only person who constantly visit the library without fail). I told him that I liked reading all those Nancy Drew stories; that I never thought that our library had such great, interesting books (yeah, I was so naive then). He laughed. I wondered why he laughed but instead of replying, he told me to approach him the next time I visit. I told him that I would be there later in the day to read.

To cut this long tale short, he provided me a library card so I could bring some books home.

Thinking about it now, I think the question just seemed apt after all. It was that handsome but strict accommodating Chinese librarian from school! :)

What about you? What's your story about books and reading?


  1. my sister had a very good influence on my reading habits. she would just gobble books at a time. (figuratively speaking that is..)

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  2. Nancy Drew!! i used to read this book series too.. what got me into reading was my English teacher in 6th Grade. i always noticed her reading Reader's Digest after our English Classes and she lets me borrow them. i think she was the coolest teacher i've ever met!

  3. ICE_HOT, that's good. I wish I was able to influence my sister that way.

    By the way, I subscribed your blog.

    CLAIRE, I love Nancy Drew. In fact, I would like to re-collect the hardbound books as soon as I have a place to stack them in. :)

  4. I started loving books in grade school too, with the widely popular (I think, haha) Sweet Valley series. :)

  5. oh, those nancy drew books! I started from there also. Altho i didn't have a scary library to go to. My grandmother's friend who has a daughter same age as I am lent me her nancies cause she was done with them. Imagine my glee when she sent her driver to deliver a box full of nancies for me to read that whole summer. That was one of the best summers I've ever had...

  6. AUSTENFAN, oh yes, I was also taken with the SV series right after Nancy Drew. I think it was my high school classmate who lent me hers. :)

    ATE SIENNA, a boxful? I totally agree it being one of the best summers ever. Imagine having those books during the summer. :)

  7. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  8. It was my cousin who was into Nancy Drew's, I remember I used to read my aunt's college textbooks on Filipino and Spanish class when I was in elementary.

    I also frequented our library in grade school kaka stay ko dun inappoint akong Business Manager ng book club ng isa sa mga librarian lol!


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