Sunday, April 19, 2009

24 Hour Read-A-Thon: You Know You're In Marathon Reading Mini Challenge

Dear Me,

I'm now participating in
Staci's mini-challenge called Signs You're In A Read-A-Thon at Life In The Thumb.


... the only lights up is your lampshade in your mini-reading nook
because everyone has retired for the night.

... you bring the book you're reading to the toilet as you pee. Hehehe.

... you realize that you've already on your third time brewing coffee to keep you perked up.

... you request hubby to be the nanny for the entire 24 hours.

... being surrounded by books takes precedence over shopping which to be funded by hubby. Shoot! *winks*

... your brain sends signal that yummy food is on the table and you don't mind it unless you're starving to death.

... your little boy was wailing out loud because hubby was trying to feed him when you've already fed him. Hahaha!

... you walk around like a zombie, back and forth, left to right, with a book in hand.

... you jump like crazy just to liven up the nerves in your eyes, mind and body while your hubby in the other room wondered if there was a little earthquake!

... hubby gives you a little massage in the back as you read. Ain't that sweet? :)

Just my little contribution to the growing list! Have fun everyone. :)


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