Monday, April 13, 2009

Color His World

Dear Me,

I am supposed to sort my photo archive as well as blog (so I can share those photos with friends) but I don't have the heart to do so. I surfed around and discovered a colorful mine for my little boy.

Miguel loves to hold crayons and swab them on his coloring books. We usually buy big coloring books for his own fun.

If he thinks that a certain page has been tinged with his crayon, he would like to turn to another page and apply color on it as well.

Last time, we bought him coloring books and now, they're all used up.

I think
Free Coloring Pages and Color Page Fun will be such a great resource for moms out there.

The site offers
free printable coloring pages of various categories perfect for little children who love to color such as the alphabet,





etc. Just download the chosen pages and print them for free without the ads. :)

I think sharing this activity will be both fun for me and my little boy. I believe that doing this activity will help
Miguel's learning process and develop certain skills in the areas of color concepts, eye and hand coordination, photo comprehension and others.

It will be an enjoyable moment for little
Miguel to unleash his creativity!


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