Monday, April 27, 2009

His Own World Of Books

Dear Me,

Being a bibliophile myself, I would like my little boy to grow up around books. I would like to instill in him the passion for reading.

Books develop and broaden horizons and for little ones, I believe that starting them young will help them as they grow older.

I have taken snapshots of little
Miguel's own book collection. He shares a couple of shelves from me so his books will have their own places in the house. :)

Being a year and six months old, his books range from coloring books to the educational/learning starter books such as the ABCs.

The shelf above contains his coloring books, learning the alphabet and numbers books, beginner's shapes books, board books of trucks, dogs and kittens, illustration books and flashcards with Barney's photo, too.

It also contains the kiddie books we bought from our
MV Doulos trip.

This one is the shelf located in the living room. It contains his other mini board books and some glitter books. He also has some books featuring Winnie D Pooh and friends. :)

This one is rarely accessed by him...yet. It contains his I Wonder Why books, a gift from his aunt. He is still too young to flip those pages and I'm afraid they will be all torn up when he's able to use or read them.

Also, it houses some baby-kiddie books meant for my reading.

Well, those books will soon grow in numbers for I am looking forward to another book binging a few days from now. This time, books for the little boy! :)


  1. That's an extensive collection for a 1 yr, 6 month-old baby :)

  2. Turuan na rin natin sya mag-bookswap!

  3. poor Yakee.... Mommy occupies all the shelves at home so his books are crammed everywhere or on the floor :D

    I enjoy buying and reading kiddie books that Yakee cannot wuite read or browse thru yet... hopefully nga, our sons would get our love for reading no? :)

  4. I also hope that Yona will get my passion for reading but by the looks of it, namana niya artistic side ng dad niya.

  5. @kegler, there's a lot more. Accumulated since I posted this entry.

    @blooey, I'm checking it nga with him. :)

    @Mec, same here. He already declared a certain area of my shelves his.

    @Christian, thanks.

    @Iris, surround her with books & show to her that you also read. :) Hone her artistic talents just the same. :)


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