Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Krispy Kreme Taste Experience

Dear Me,

I have a confession to make. When people go crazy, break their habits and drool over something new, I tend to veer away and take the opposite path. As long as the hype is still in its highest intensity or the buzz hasn't died down, I discourage myself from joining the fun. I really don't have to exert too much effort dissuading myself for I am totally disinterested to that fact.

Examples: the
Harry Potter books and movies, Go Nuts Donuts, reality tv shows, Twilight series, etc.

Krispy Kreme to the list above.

Having opened its first store in the Philippines in 2006, eager customers have lined up trying to beat each others' earliest time just to have a piece of the melts-in-your-mouth doughnut.

Despite the mushrooming of this popular doughnut store in key cities in the country, it was only that one fine morning in March 2009 that I brought myself to believe that I was the only person on earth who hadn't tasted that doughnut.

As luck would had it or probably an angel who pitied me,
kaoko of Kitchen Cow gave me a heads-up about Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Karnival wherein you could glaze yourself and friends with Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and a signature coffee for FREE!

A few days later, I attended the Chocolate Karnival launch of the chocolate-glazed doughnut offerings at the Bonifacio High Street. It was such a fun day of carnival-themed festivity! There were jolly clowns who performed as well as games such as pachinko, doughnut ring toss, cups and boxes stacking. Playing those four games would earn a player four sweet gift certificates!

I wasn't intent on playing and instead was willing to shell out more than three hundred pesos just to purchase a box of those mouth-watering choco doughs! But new friend
Ria was such a warm supporter! Hehehe. I played and the rest was history. I brought home a box-full!

moi with the KK stick-on

new friend yapatoots

Anyway, I had my very first Krispy Kreme bite on hot-from-the-oven Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. It was literally mouth-watering for I could see how the chocolate oozed from the doughnut as I took a bite! It was a delightful experience!

When it was first sold in 1937, no one knew how wildly popular these sweet treats would be.

But doughnut lovers today, over 60 years since the first batch was sold, can’t get enough of the hottest, freshest confectionary indulgence.

Clearly, it's no simple doughnut that would spur thousands to stand in line for hours. Krispy Kreme - made from a 72-year old secret recipe - is reportedly a favorite by President Clinton, beloved by NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and so loved by crooner Jimmy Buffet that he wrote a song about it. The pillowy pastry has been featured in nearly 80 movies and TV shows. Even A-listers Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman profess to be fans. And to cement its status, Krispy Kreme artifacts were inducted into the Smithson Institution's National Museum of American History.

It is decidedly the celebrity of doughnuts and a phenomenon abroad - complete with devoted acolytes and a consistently growing following - so it was only a matter of time before the Philippines got their own little piece of the dough.

True enough, by 2006, when the first Krispy Kreme opened at Bonifacio High Street, the Philippines broke Asia's records for the Longest Line, Most Doughnuts Sold and the Earliest Customer to Fall in Line. As soon as the conveyor belt that whisked the light, melts-in-your mouth doughnut started, and the Hotlight ("hot doughnuts now" red neon sign) flicked on, the shop swelled with eager customers. Krispy Kreme calls it the "Doughnut Theater"—and the sight and smell of one of their doughnut machines that can glaze a little over three thousand doughnuts an hour, was the reason behind the opening-day record breaking lines that caused pedestrian snarls.

Since then, they have opened ten stores across the metro, breaking new records (setting the one for the earliest drive-thru to line-up when the Mall of Asia Drive-Thru store opened) and continuously innovating to take sweet-tooth satisfaction to new heights.

Which is why, coming in the wake of their success, Krispy Kreme continues to push the envelope for sweet-tooths across the Philippines with the introduction of the Chocolate Karnival. After all, what else can trump already established cult favorites than the introduction of the Greatest Chocolate Show on Earth?

Launched recently, the infamous Hot Original Glazed gets itself a decidedly chocolate-y make-over with the addition of the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut to Krispy Kreme's wide range of melt-in-your-mouth doughnut offerings.

For true sweet tooths and chocoholics, a single doughnut is the ultimate experience. Combining the pillowy perfection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with the rich, decadent gloss of chocolate, it's where one will find love at first bite. Be sure to hold off for other treats as well—variations of the Chocolate Glazed come in Chocolate Glazed Traditional Cake, Double Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Glazed Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Glazed Vanilla Cruller Cake, Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles, Chocolate Glazed Strawberry Filled, Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Glazed Custard Filled and the Chocolate Glazed Kreme Filled.

Why don't you glaze yourself with this sweet chocolate indulgence? Better yet, go glaze your friends! Visit and claim your free electronic gift coupon from Krispy Kreme!

Other photos here.


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