Friday, May 1, 2009

Family Well-Being

Dear Me,

Having my own family has taught me to think and appreciate their existence. In this lifetime, it seems like we are all living short and leaving early.

Before taking steps to oversee their wellness, it is best to make one's self happy and content. By doing it, the family will be assured of your utmost love and concern.

The first step is to make yourself happy by treating yourself well.
  1. Hit the beach and frolic in the sand.

  2. Pamper yourself by getting a manicure and pedicure.

  3. Shop in the mall and buy that fabulous summer dress you've been ogling for weeks.

  4. Tread the neighborhood path and smell the flowers.

  5. Read a good book while sipping your favorite drink in a coffee shop.

  6. Watch the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the evening.

  7. Gather your art stuff and paint/draw a charming landscape.

Whatever activity you'll engage in, the important thing is that you're spending some ME time and you're pleased to do it.

Once you've done that and feeling rejuvenated, you can now focus on the wellness of your family. After all, they're the reason for your being. :)

Start indulging the family into a healthier lifestyle.
  1. Eat healthy food with the kids especially the little ones so they will learn the value of healthy living.

  2. Together with the family, sweat it all out by jogging and doing exercises.

  3. Have fun preparing and cooking healthy meals for everyone. It would be such a fun togetherness if the parents share the benefits of eating such food.

Each and every member of the family can share and do their own little way of enriching their familial lives.

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The best way is to spend more quality time with your love ones.
  1. Engage in conversations with your children and the rest of the household. Trying to learn how everyone spent their day or asking the kids what happened in school or asking the husband or wife about her day at work seems like a good way to start the ball rolling.

  2. While doing that, make sure that each member is attuned to the significance of making eye contact, facial expressions and body languages. Words may mean one thing but gestures and the likes may mean differently.

  3. Discover and understand the physical and emotional needs of each family member. Appreciate what they can and share how to improve them.

  4. Have a good laugh with everyone by reminiscing the good days of loving fun.

  5. Share your family dreams and try to live those dreams with them.

I love my family as you love yours. Take steps in achieving a certain level of understanding about family wellness.

To wit,
"Good family life is never an accident but always an achievement by those who share it." ~ James H.S. Bossard

Also, "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." ~ George Santayana

And I definitely agree. :)


ivyeclairs said...

I'm not a mom but I try my best to contribute in the family's well being by suggesting activities we can do together. Recently I asked my siblings to take part in a project to give honor to our parents.

Frances said...

@ivyeclairs, that's very nice. I remember doing that, too, with my siblings a long time ago. Hehehe.

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