24 May 2009

Learning Toys

Dear Me,

Hubby volunteered to do the grocery at the mall's supermarket and came home with a boxful of goods plus toys from the kids' section.

The Busy Bead Activity Board and Bee n' Flower Maze introduce my little boy to fun learning. The concept of 3-dimensional play will help him to learn and explore varied play options.

I think these toys will also help in developing fine motor skills and recognize shape, color, size and spatial concepts in a very exciting way!

Miguel will surely be amused sliding these shapely flowers, butterflies, bees and colorful beads to and fro, up and down.

Buying these educational toys for my little boy is a good call. :)


  1. Those are wonderful educational toys. Hope lil' Miguel will enjoy them.

  2. He's having fun sliding those little balls and it's funny because whenever he sees them bumping each other, he laughs out loud. :p

  3. those are really great toys for a learning mind and what a sweet dad too!

  4. @WILLA,
    hubby is a Toy Kingdom suki...ahahha!

  5. Wow! it's a very good idea of make kids play with kid learning toy.It increases the creativity in a kid's thinking.


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