Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oprah's Bookmark

Dear Me,

No matter how engrossed I am in reading a book, I still have to put it down even though I don't want to. I may need to check on the little boy while he naps or see if the food I prepared is already cooked. I may have to go out to run some errands outside or simply take a pee.

It is quite a struggle to locate the last page I have read everytime I forget to mark where I stopped reading. I abhor putting dog-ears in my book. I even detest leaving the book open face down or by putting a bulky thing in-between the pages. Obviously, they are not the proper ways of taking care of a book.

I utilize bookmarks or anything that is flat and soft.

Being an
Oprah's Book Club fan, I succumbed to this easy-to-create bookmark.

Just by following easy steps, I was able to create my own bookmark. First, select a heading (from the given choices): to whom the book belongs to, for whom the book is given as a gift, from whose library, ex libris or not using any header at all.

Then, jot in the name that would appear in the bookmark.

Next, select which among the ten (10) images is most appealing.

Last, either choose a quote or make your own. There are three (3) available quotes that can be used or draft your own quote in the box with a maximum count of 150 characters. There is also the available option of having your preferred text color.

Once done, a preview of your own bookmark design can be seen afterwards.

Here are the two (2) bookmarks I 'designed.' I borrowed a book quote from
Franz Kafka and used it in the second bookmark.

They sort of look very plain to me but I know that they serve their purpose just the same. :)

By the way, have your bookmark(s) printed in card stock or any specialty paper for a much satisfying result.


Jarlin said...

This is my first visit here and I enjoyed reading your posts.

Keep writing...

pehpot said...

HI Frances!

I already included you on the list of possible attendee haclick here for more details

Judayski said...

this bookmark maker is so cool! will create mine. thanks for sharing the link! :)

Frances said...

@JARLIN, thanks a bunch. :)

@PEHPOT, goodness. I wasn't able to come. Hope you guys had much fun.

@JUDAYSKI, hope to have mine printed soon. Still asking hubby to buy the paper. :) Hope to see what you've come up.

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