Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do You Live A Healthy Life?

Dear Me,

It's funny that I find myself writing stuff like this. Almost two years ago, I believed that I was leading a healthy life albeit not a perfect 100%. I engaged in outdoor activities and I felt fit in and out.

Now, I feel so fat and left out of my league. I even feel old. As people say, feeling is not tantamount to seeing or appearing like one. But, how can I feel different outside when my inner self senses otherwise?

My little boy is growing up already and I can now sneak some available ME time. I am thinking of participating in a number of fun runs during weekends. Maybe come September when it's not raining and that I won't be puffing already after 20 steps. I have a month to do warm-ups.

Meantime, I discovered a number of some painless-yet-with-minimum-effort ways to start leading a full healthy life.

  1. Check the label: that is, the sugar and salt percentage. Be aware by reading the goodies' label about these two compounds. Hidden sugars and too much sodium is not the way to start. I wonder what's our daily recommended intake for sugar and salt. Hmm.

  2. Eat more greens. They contain more nutritional value than burgers and the like. Instead of indulging in high calorie, high in fat foods every day of the week, why not assign a number of days in the week eating green veggies only? I think I can work this out.

  3. Drink healthy. Chocolate drink, coffee, frappuccino. It would be a sin for me to avoid them but I can still be healthy by drinking them in moderation. Okay, that sounds hypocritical of me. Hehehe. Note to self: don't forget to include water in my favorites. It is essential to our body's daily maintenance. :)

  4. Cut back on whatever I eat. I think I always fail on this everytime I feel dead-serious in losing pounds. I starve myself by cutting out what I usually eat. Health experts say that the way to reduce the heavy weight is to lessen the calories day by day at a manageable rate. :) That's a thought!

  5. Walk my feet around. Just a few simple steps while doing something can work wonders as I was told. If chatting with a friend on the mobile phone, walk around the room or dining table instead of lying down in bed. Instead of riding a jeep or taxi to the mall, why not use my chubby feet? I used to do this after my work in Makati. I leisurely walked the distance from Pacific Star in Makati Avenue towards Landmark or Ayala Avenue. But please, I'm not suggesting walking the far distance to any place at all. Just trying to use and stretch my feet. :)

  6. Take multi-vitamins and calcium supplements. Fortify my immune system if I think that I am not getting my full nutritional intake.

Well, they do sound painless efforts to me. I prefer to follow these guidelines since I find them a lot easier and convenient.

I have always believed that this mantra works:
Small changes and taking more steps each time is the best trick to start anything especially in working one's way to a healthy life. :)


  1. Very inspiring! Drinking water will also make you lose more weight ;)

  2. @LACE, really? Hmm. I will try to avoid Coke Zero. :)


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