Monday, August 10, 2009

Repel Mosquitoes With Downy Antibac

Dear Me,

The rainy months are here and so do mosquitoes.

As a mom, warding off those pesky mosquitoes away from my little boy and the rest of the family is a great concern. The presence of these mosquitoes are more widespread during the rainy season for it is only during this time that water abound and which they use as a medium in hatching their eggs.

To track their prey, female mosquitoes utilize a battery of sensors such as their visual, thermal and olfactory stimuli. They hunt their blood host by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of the normal breathing process. Chemicals in human sweat such as ammonia also veers mosquitoes toward their targets. Body heat also serve as 'feelers' for mosquitoes to detect their next prey.

Mosquitoes are vector agents of diseases such as malaria and dengue. It is best that one must know to make the home free from mosquitoes.

Tips were shared by Miss Jing Lejano, editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping magazine, on how to drive mosquitoes away. She also shared good points on how to properly pack edible stuff such as fruits, sweets, biscuits and sandwiches to prevent mosquitoes and insects from infesting them and the surrounding area.

I was lucky to have viewed this presentation about the mosquito-repellent effect of Downy Antibac. Two similar stuff toys were washed with the same laundry brand. To prove that Downy Antibac can help repel mosquitoes away, one was soaked in the fabric conditioner while the other stuff toy wasn't. The video showed that more mosquitoes landed in the stuff toy that was left untreated with the said fabric conditioner. The said test was also conducted by scientists from Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam and the Philippines courtesy of the Philippine Association of Entomologists.

Seeing is believing, isn't it? So I was more than pleased to have a chance to see a live demo of Downy Antibac's mosquito-repellent effect.

A white-screened covered container full of 'fat' (I could see through the screen how healthy they looked) mosquitoes was placed in the center. One of the representatives from the Philippine Association of Entomologists conducted the demo together with the help of a volunteer. The volunteer was requested to don two sleeves alternately: one was untreated while the other was treated with Downy Antibac. After wearing each one, she put her covered arm inside the said container which was full of mosquitoes. Just like in the video, the frequency and duration of landing of mosquitoes in the untreated sleeve was greater than the one treated with Downy Antibac. This only proved that Downy Antibac can help in repelling mosquitoes away.

Downy Antibac works beautifully. Its antibacterial ingredients control odor-causing germs. Utilizing it as a fabric conditioner, washed clothes stay with long-lasting freshness.

Yes, the rainy months are here and
Downy Antibac will not only help me in keeping our clothes fresh during this season but also in protecting my family from mosquito bites and most importantly, from the dreaded diseases (dengue and malaria) caused by these insects.

Downy Antibac is not intended to replace mosquito repellent but only helps repel mosquitoes on fabric.


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