Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Wreaks Havoc

Dear Me,

I was aware there was a typhoon coming but never expected it to be this strong and scary. I have experienced difficult days but
typhoon Ondoy was the worst of all. Imagine having strong winds and heavy rains all day!

It would have been a normal typhoon scare but hearing and learning news of its wrath all over the metro gave me goosebumps.

It was almost late morning when the family woke up. It has been raining since yesterday afternoon and truly, the heavy raindrops lulled us more to sleep.

Early afternoon, the influx of updates and messages of people needing help started to surge. Some friends of mine found their homes flooded and had to evacuate in the second floors of their houses. Cars were submerged in the garages. Major roads were impassable due to flooding. People who were outside of their homes were stranded elsewhere. Houses in certain cities were flashed with floods as dams and rivers overflowed. Telephone lines and electrical posts were toppled down. Floods everywhere were simply from knee-high but continuous downpour cause the water level to reach six feet.

When I heard people especially kids and elderly climbing the roofs of their houses just to escape the rampaging waters flooding the place they call homes, I felt scared for them. I uttered a simple prayer to the Almighty that He deliver them from harm.

The online community has responded not only by spreading out cries for help for someone or anyone but also mobilizing each and everyone.

Government and non-government organizations have also reached out to the typhoon victims.

My family reside in the CAMANAVA area. Despite being notorious as one of the flood cities, we were lucky to be spared of the typhoon's wrath. We didn't experience having the waters seeped through our house (except for some leaks) nor evacuate some stuff for fear of being washed away. We were lucky not to go through the scary experience of climbing the roof with my little boy and parents in tow.

I am thankful for being home safe and dry with the entire family. I thank God for sparing us from the calamity that has befallen the entire metropolis.

Dear God, thank you very much. I pray that You guide the families out there. Bring them to safety and to the arms of their beloved.



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