01 January 2010

Mommy Moments - Something New

Dear Me,

A lot of things had happened and has been happening since my last blog entry. I have been so out of touch online. Too preoccupied with my personal life. Hehehe.

Truly, I am pleased to welcome another new year in my life. :)

And because it is January 1 and I (kinda) made a promise to myself to participate aggressively in this mommy meme, I am making this entry my first official 2010 blog opener. Chienes!

This week's theme
: Something New.

Because I've been as busy as a bee, my files especially my photo archive has been such a mess. Scouring for recent photos to complement the theme, these are the snapshots I found:

For the little boy:

new rubber shoes

new toy car

For myself:

new clutch bag

A gift from my dear hubby:

new laptop

These are just a few new things I am thankful for but just the same, I am reminding myself that there are lots of old important people and things that I will always treasure no matter how many years pass me by. :)

To all the mommies out there,
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!


  1. Coolness ang laptop. Nagfa-farm town. ^_^

  2. wow, i want laptop too..:) Happy New Year!

  3. laptop is great but the smiles on your men are awesome!

    Some things new

  4. happy new year! i am glad you decided to join us again ;)

    great new things... wishing you a great 2010 ahead!

  5. Those are great gifts. Enjoy your new laptop.

  6. Cooool! New lappy! haha!

    Happy New Year to both of you and your baby! :)


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