Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss My Man

Dear Me,

It's been six weeks and two days since the day he flew away (now you're wondering if I'm talking about my pet bird...hehehe). I'm referring to my better half.

I kinda miss my dear hubby. My one and only twitheart. My one and only honey. My one and only papi. My one and only Dex.

When he left the 7,107 islands, I could not help but shed silent tears. I tried not to weep at the airport but I knew I was close to doing it. When we bid each other goodbye, I tried to smile through the endless and repetitive reminders of taking of myself and my little boy.

The first few days were totally unbearable. I felt so depressed that I found myself crying every hour. My little boy was wondering why and most of the time, he would pat my back or ruffle my hair and hug me. He was too young to understand what was happening or why he would not be able to see his father physically nor sleep beside him at night nor play with him during weekends. And everytime my little angel does those comforting things (despite those adorable gestures), it made the pain of separation more hurting for he reminded me much of the man I married and whom I would love to spend the rest of my life with.

Days passed by and sobbing became a normal part of the day. There were so many things around the house that breathe of the man. The physical distance was too much to take. But I knew then that it wouldn't be long that things would be back to normal. I kept myself preoccupied with a lot of things. True enough, I cried less than I used to.

Weeks passed by and communicating with each other was becoming a routine activity for the three of us. Thanks to our technology today for it somehow lessen the loneliness by helping us connect with him despite the distance.

I miss a lot of things and the things he does for me. I miss my family being complete, having him in the house and our weekend escapades.

It does takes time to endure everything: the physical, mental and emotional melancholy. I am patient and smile through the day and the next thing I know, I am beaming naturally.

To my dear Papi Dex, our love for each other will see us through (I think I heard this line before...hehehe) no matter the distance.

I love you. *muah*


MomMay said...

Girl naka relate ako sa blog mo. I remember the first time my hubby left for US for 2 1/2mo and I was preggy that time, super iyak din ako...

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Is there a chance for you and your little boy to join him abroad? It must be difficult to be away from each other. I am sure he misses you a lot too.

Francesca Ivy said...

@May, it's difficult at first. But sometimes I get used to it..pag di mo naiisip.

@Grace, there is. Miguel & I may fly there to check if the place is conducive for both of us. If everything goes well, then hubby will have the papers processed right away.

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