Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time For A Make-Over?

Dear Me,

I was checking my inbox this morning and I just saw this ad from magazine.

Courtesy of Pond's, a free make-over from prestigious fashion and beauty gurus awaits 7 chosen readers!

Honestly, I entertained the thought of taking a shot at it. I have my reasons.

  1. When I became a mom, I totally disregarded taking care of my physical self. It was for the reason that there were so many things to do and spending the little time I had on 'beautifying' myself was too much to spare.

  2. And when the desire to drop by a salon to have a mere haircut pops up, I have to leave my little boy with my folks at home or given no choice at all, bring him in the salon with me and tag along anywhere I go. Most often than not, the desire to have a trim disappears as fast as the whim to have one.

  3. There was this one time (sometime last year) that I got so fascinated with make-ups. I mean, the art of application. I want to learn the basics, the proper combination, mix-and-match, the types of brushes, etc. I know how to apply some but I want to really know the proper way to do it.

As a mom, I think that women should not sacrifice the way we look just because we have discovered motherhood. We should be at our absolute best not only for the men in our lives but also for our own selves.

On second thought, the idea of participating just make me squirm with shyness. I don't feel like parading myself. We'll see. Hahaha.

PS. I'm not even sure if this is only for working women. But it just said readers.

PS1. Let me know if you're going to join. I have my own saying that: Company boosts confidence. HAHAHA.

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