Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Photos In Frames

Dear Me,

I'm not really big on having so much framed photos displayed in the house. I have foregone such ideas because I know that I have digital copies and I can look and be sentimental anytime I feel like doing so.

When hubby flew overseas to grab a nice working opportunity, I had a change of heart. The sadness was so overwhelming that I needed something to hold on to. That was when the photos came into the picture, so to speak.

The following days, I found myself searching for recent snapshots for developing as well as shopping for photo frames. The photos I selected were not that fabulous but each and every photo depicted the love we all have for each other and the happiness we shared when those images were taken. The frames I bought were not that grand, too, for I preferred simplicity. I wanted to be enamored by the paper with the image rather than the shiny metal or fragile glass that framed it.

I am planning to put up more frames but it is kinda dangerous because Miguel loves to "explore" and throw balls around the house. Accidents are not far from happening if I just set them all up in one place. Maybe when he's a year older, I'll have a stand or counter for those frames.

For now, I'll just content myself in looking at the ones that I have. :)


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