Monday, May 17, 2010

Labor Day Fun With Mudra

Dear Me,

It was Labor Day when we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. I was pretty adamant in staying indoors rather than sweat it out outside, even before we were able to hail a ride to the mall. You see, the summer heat was so unbearable!

But I got errands to do and could not be put off for another day. I had to ship a parcel via courier service, pay bills and do grocery for I was running out of food to prepare/eat.

Besides, somebody was "slightly" excited to leave the house for a change.

So we (Mama, Miguel and moi) headed to SM North, making our way to the SkyGarden Safari Adventure. It was my dear mother who told me about this kiddie fun place. I asked her how she knew about it and she said that she "passed" the area everyday. After office hours before going home, she would be "malling" to pass up time and traffic. I never knew she was a mall-rat. Hehehe.

A jungle adventure meant for the family especially for the kids, the SkyGarden Safari Adventure sort of brings outdoor fun inside the hallways of the mall. Featuring life-sized replicas of animals in the wild, kids and adults alike would surely enjoy spending time in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, Miguel was not in the mood after waking up from his interrupted nap in the cab. I was asking him to pose for a shot with Mama but the little boy was uncooperative. I was meaning to take snapshots instead of the mechanized animals but even I could not stand the hot air enveloping the area. The plan to mingle with the orangutans was aborted. Maybe next time. We still have the end of this month (May) to experience and have 'kodaks' with the safari creatures. :)

Visit their site for more information.

Wanting to escape the heat, we rushed inside the air-conditioned comforts of the mall.

Since I was carrying something heavy in my bag, I decided to hit 2Go first. I had to ship out three parcels in the metro and in the southernmost part of the country.

Mama is already in her senior years (meaning she already has her senior citizen card...hehehe). She easily gets tired walking around and everytime she says that, it means we need to sit down and dine. This time she chose The Classic Savory Chicken resto.

And because we were feeling famished (because of the heat), we ordered more than we could finished.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (PhP175)

Traditional Chinese fried rice with shrimps, minced pork, egg and green peas. Just the way I like it. Not too dry, not too bland, not too oily.

Chopsuey (PhP175)

Classic stir-fried vegetables with meat and seafood. I have been craving for some veggies lately that I primarily ordered this one. It surely looked yummy to me. But I was disappointed when all I could taste was the hard part of cabbages.

Long Life Pancit Canton (PhP195)

Festive braised noodles with meat, vegetables and seafood. My photo didn't do justice as to how appetizing this plate was. Well, probably did. Before taking a shot, we first helped ourselves because my two companions were starving already. Pancit is actually my little boy' favorito. :)

Mixed Seafood with Broccoli (PhP195)

I was too full when this dish arrived. I got turned off because I actually saw our order being passed around by the waiters. It seemed like they "mixed" customers' orders.

Half Cut Savory Chicken (PhP195)

Our take-home order for Papa. From the outside, it looked so juicy. :)

After dining, we headed to the supermarket and bought stocks of my little boy's milk and diapers. Then we headed to Starbucks to try their newest offering this summer, the Espresso Java Chip Frappuccino blended coffee. Honestly, I didn't like it that much. Too bland for my taste.

Instead of lounging in the cafe, we decided to finish our drinks while lining up for a ride in the taxi bay.

It was past nine in the evening when we reached home. Tiring but it was fun. :)


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