Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lipstick Addict's Beauty Giveaway!

Dear Me,

I am feeling quite better today. I had been experiencing muscle pains for days and the sneezing with the dry cough and fever only caught up with me during the last three days. I blamed it all in the endless lakwatsa and the sweltering weather we are having this season.

I have been meaning to blog something but I just could not find the right mood. I feel so bummed out and so I resorted to browsing my inbox full of blog subscriptions.

I found this particular blog entry and the writing mood and mode is ON. :)

Lipstick Addict is holding a blog giveaway; that is, a beauty giveaway!

Up for grabs are the following:
  1. Purple Cosmetic Bag (from Watsons, brand new)

  2. Kojic Acid Whitening Soap (really works in whitening skin!)

  3. Avon UMR in Pretty (mini lipstick)

  4. Skin MD Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion (Made in USA)

  5. Eskinol Skin Therapy Gluta-Milk Whitening Cream with Glutathione Complex Sachet

  6. Charriol Inspired Bracelet (Stainless)

  7. Bvlgari Inspired Fashion Earrings (Stainless)

  8. Channel Pink Heart Fashion Accessory

  9. Myra Vitawhite Whitening Face Lotion with SPF 15 (added)

  10. Silk Secrets Organics Apricot Refreshing Facial Cleanser from Watsons

  11. Sunblock with SPF45 Made in Korea (sachet)

  12. Very cute peachy pink blush imported and Made in Thailand, SIVANNA COLORS. Peachy pink with gold flecks.

I am joining because I simply love what she's giving away. The best thing would be winning something I like. So if you want to covet the lovely items, too, join NOW by checking out the mechanics in this beauty giveaway.

I'm not really into all those beauty stuff like most girls that I know but I simply love the way Lipstick Addicts - Beauty Reviews and More presents her interesting beauty discoveries. She makes it so simple yet "enticing" (her beauty reviews say it all...hehehe). I already made my list. *winks*

To be up-to-date with her beauty entries, simply subscribe to her blog feed via email (right sidebar through feedburner). :)


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