Friday, May 28, 2010

Looking Forward To My Stay @ GoHotels.Ph

Dear Me,

Yes, I have previously booked a 2-nights stay at the newly-opened hotel in Cybergate Plaza.

When year 2010 started, I was (and still is) beset with anxiety and fatigue. So much that I felt (still does) depressed and burnt-out.

Normally, I will just leave the metropolis and escape to the coolness of Baguio. Pack my bags and ride the next bus.

Well, I cannot do that now when I have to address the dilemma of traveling with a toddler. I think I am not up yet tagging my little boy to any place my heart desires. Maybe I should learn how and be comfortable with it. That will be fun. Hehehe.

As mentioned, I was thinking of escaping to Tagaytay or anywhere near Manila. I could not think of any so I let it go and allowed myself to wallow in melancholy. Ang drama noh?

And a savior came along, in the form of a towering structure somewhere in EDSA. I heard the buzz about from some blogger friends. But it was only through Melo's travel blog that I first read about it.

Recently made accessible to the public last May 19, works on the same system as booking your flight via Cebu Pacific. The earlier you book, the cheaper/more affordable rate you are going to pay.

According to their webpage, there are eight reasons why every Juan should choose this hotel.

click the image

I hope I will not be disappointed with the experience. I am expecting that they live up to what they are claiming to be.

A place for every Juan, affordable in the pocket yet with hotel-quality sleeping experience.


out of town blog said...

I hope you enjoy your stay, like we did:)

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