Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Web Finds #1

Dear Me,

I spent most of my time online. It's not that I am always in front of my laptop. In between doing mommy duties and practicing domestication (sounds like raising pigs...hehehe) in the house, I check my inbox, connect with friends and strangers virtually, blog whatever is in my mind and surf the web when I feel the need to do so. It helps in keeping me sane, reading and learning new things at my own time.

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Sometimes, I would just spend my online time surfing the web and clicking links after links and browse what other people have to say. Most of the time, I end up bookmarking those interesting sites in the hope of sharing them to anyone. The outcome: the bookmarks tab has countless pages that they get lost and never to be found. Sometimes, even the links have died on me.

And so the decision to make a weekly entry was conceived.

I will not be categorizing them at the moment since I have no idea yet how this thing will go.

To start:

  1. As a mom and bibliophile, I would surely love to have my little boy share my passion for reading books. Here are top 10 tips to make reading more fun for them. I also want to share how I am introducing reading to my two year old son, Miguel. :)

  2. Learn a craft and make a business out of it: earn by making refrigerator magnets.

  3. I'm not really the kind of person whom will indulge in a business venture. But if I'm going to have one, I will opt for franchising Bibingkinitan since I love baked bibingka.

  4. I'm a bag-aholic and here are this summer's best bags. My favorites are (if only I can have them): 1 - the Lanvin 9-to-5 beaded evening tote, 2 - Aldo dream weaver tote with buckle, 3 - the Marni cut-out shoulder bag and last but not the least, 4 - the Loewe leather tote.

  5. I have always wanted to have a hair that I can style anyway I want it. Unfortunately, when God showered the world with hair blessings, I was probably hiding in the caves. Here are 2010's best sizzling summer dos. My choicest picks are: (1) ballerina bun, (2) wavy bob, (3) high bun, (4) black headband and (5) textured chignon.

  6. Every business venture I know are saddled with problems and headaches at one point or another. Well, here are 10 business stress-busters guides shared by four local entrepreneurs.

More interesting links next week. :)

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