Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy Moments - Daddy Moments

Dear Me,

This is the first time that Miguel & I will be celebrating Father's Day without hubby. He is now based overseas for work. I guess we will just celebrate the occasion with my folks.

I miss him and I'm certain that my little boy does, too.

Being frequent SM mall shopper, we never fail to visit Toy Kingdom. Most often than not, the little boy takes home a new toy courtesy of his father.

The photo above was taken during one of our toy-shopping visits at the store. I am not just sure if that mascot was that of Toy Kingdom. He was more like a mascot from Eveready battery. LOL.

Taken last holiday when both of my boys opened their gifts from me. Hehehe. See the smile of glee from Miguel when he saw that he had new shoes? :)

And for the big guy? Few sets of long sleeve polo shirts. Well, he was with me when we bought it in the mall. I just had it wrapped. Hehehe.

These last two photos were actually the last shots they had together before hubby flew abroad the following day.

It is just less than five months since he 'went away' and yet, I can see how fast the little boy has grown (basing on the photos).

To you honey, happy Father's Day! We will always be here loving and waiting for you! :)


♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

For sure they missed each other terribly.Happy Father's Day to your other half.


BastiSimonandSam said...

Happy Father's Day to hubby, Ivy! Being away from home is really huge sacrifice. I admire you both for being such good parents to Miguel.

chubskulit said...

Love the shot where Miguel is making nguso hehehe..

Happy father's day to your hubs.

Mommy Moments

simply kim said...

wow! priceless moments! happy father's day to your hubby..

Chris said...

i am sure he is missed so much!

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