Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Talent: Sleeping While Standing

Dear Me,

My little boy never ceases to amaze me...and with hilarity. It just did not happen once but many times. He has a new talent to show and that he is unaware of it. I always catch him doing this and everytime I point it out, he will simply brush me off.

We were in the bedroom one hot afternoon (with the a/c on) and while I was doing my thing, he was playing with his toys while watching Blue's Clues in his father's desktop. It was like this for an hour or so and the next time I looked at what he was doing, he had his toys moved away to his side of the bed. And what about him? Well, he was facing the desktop and slouching on the side of the bed. I assumed he was watching.

I called him out and asked if he was done playing. When I did not receive any kind of reply, I stood up and checked him up close. To my surprise, he was doing it again for the nth time!

Sleeping while standing!

I tried to wake him up and he opened his eyes but closed them again.

I tried to wake him up and just told me that he wanted to sleep.

I tried to wake him up and he threw a tantrum for a few seconds.

It went on and on and a thought struck me. Take a photo and next time, show it to him. Maybe when he's a little older, he will laugh at it.

Well, I was successful with my final attempt. I carried him up and despite the minor resistance, he gave up and I was able to settle him down to bed for a nap. :)


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