Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forever Friend

Dear Me,

I was just finished having lunch and suddenly a face came to mind. A pleasant girl from college who instantly became my friend despite not being a classmate in any of my general or major subjects.

Prior to my being a student assistant in one of the administrative offices of the University of the Philippines, I used to bump with her at the college library, specifically in the bag deposit section (where you leave your possessions before entering the library). She always had a sunny smile for everyone.

It was in the Accounting Office where we me formally met. She was one of the student assistants there and I happened to apply for a spot (and which I got). Despite whiling my time in the library, I still had so much time in my hands and I wanted to be productive. Anyway, we were introduced and worked together for a couple of semesters.

Abi & moi @ Kenny Rogers

I never thought Abi and I would be such good friends. I was never an easy friend for I never trust anyone to come so close. Our friendship was instant.

If I am to associate Abi with a word of any kind (well, except nice, kind, etc), it has to be the internet. Quoting that was a huge thing for me. LOL. She revolutionized my knowledge about the virtual world, so to speak. If I am not mistaken, it was year 1993 when she introduced me to the world of chatting, emailing and surfing. I even gained a couple of chatmates. Hahaha.

If you can see me now while punching they keys of my laptop, you think that I'm going nuts for I'm smiling to myself. Who wouldn't? Would you believe if I told you that every day during lunch time, we allocate an hour just to go to the internet cafe at the mall just to chat with buddies? Yeah, so true! We even had this cute privilege card from Universe Cafe for being such a patron. We were 'suki' of their cafe during lunch time, on the dot. LOL.

Aside from building our friendship in the internet cafe, we got to talk about our college subjects, known 'terror' professors, gossips about other studes, and of course, good-looking boylets while checking and recording incoming and outgoing vouchers as well as encoding accounting documents. As I said, we were never seating buddies in any classrooms for we did not share the same university course.

Abi, moi & Miguel

Abi is now based in the United States and we still get to catch up with each other's happenings once in a while. We may be miles away from each other but I will always consider her a real friend, one of the fewest good friends that I can count in my fingers.

Miguel meeting Ninang Abi for the 1st time

PS. Did I mention that she also laughs a lot? And when she laughs, you're infected because you will find yourself laughing with her giggly laughter. :)) Now, that's a tongue twister. *winks*


MaiThreeBoyz said...

Hays, ivy-san, bigla ko tuloy namiss ang library ng UP Manila. That was such a long time ago for me. I remember the librarian most of all but I forgot her name.

La Bella Vita said...

@Mai-san, same here. Aside from the org tambayans, I usually spent the bulk of my time scouring though the shelves & my favorite cubicle.

Are your referring to Conan? :p

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