Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Future Kitchen Experiments

Dear Me,

I am looking forward to leaving my comfort zone when it comes to preparing food at home. I need to diverse my cooking skills into the next level. Hahaha.

Although I am not a food-preparing expert like some of my dearest cousins (they're Cabalens aka hailing from Pampanga), I surely love to slave in front of the stove. The only thing that is hindering me from doing a cooking spree is being able to pick out ingredients that are so alien to my ears.

But...those days are gone. I'm going to venture out of that box and scour the supermarkets to do the search. Besides, there are online friends who are so willing to share what they know.

I'm not a chicken lover but I would love to try how to do the Chicken Inasal.

I snitched the recipe from the Del Monte Kitchenomics homepage, which, as of this writing is not a trusted site (reportedly an attack page of some sort).

One of the ingredients that I need to procure is called "tanglad." I have no idea what it is. Thanks to the people from Plurk, I got the answers. Apparently, TANGLAD is lemon grass. An herb plant that is popularly used in Asian cooking because of the light lemon flavor that it renders to the food being prepared.

For visual purposes, this is how tanglad looks like.

tanglad aka lemon grass

I was also informed that it is widely available in supermarkets...and SM (where I normally shop for groceries) has it! Woohoo!


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