Friday, November 26, 2010

My Top 2011 Planners To Covet

Dear Me,

I'm a sucker for planners. And now I feel so overwhelmed with the countless options being showcased in the market. From working corporate for almost eight years to simply becoming a full-time mom for three years and now, having a part-time job for a few months, my planners of any kind had and has gotten me through busy schedules, work meetings, pedia check-up, family travel, social meet-ups, errands and project brainstorming.

Meantime, here are my top three favorites:

Starbucks Coffee 2011 Planner
Starbucks Coffee 2011 Planner
I used to hop in the craze of coveting this planner just because I love coffee. Period.

This planner can be redeemed at any Starbucks Coffee branch by completing the 17 stickers of their promo card; that is, nine for Christmas beverages and eight for regular drinks.

Belle de Jour 2011 Power Planner
Belle de Jour 2011 Power Planner
It's a hit for the kikay girls but I think every girl will truly appreciate having this. It has a tracker for everything, even your monthly period. :) What's more fantabulous about this planner is that it has more than sixty discounted coupons on signature brands and establishments.

This can be purchased from, Powerbooks, National Bookstore, Fully Booked for PhP598.00.

Planner People
Planner People
So much about the hype brought about by planners being marketed by top coffee shops in the country. Moving on, there are other much affordable ones that won't simply harm your pocket. Planner People's tagline, "We make simple & usable 2011 planners." It's your typical planner with yearly, monthly, and weekly views. It is made of imported bookpaper and comes in nine unique designs.

This no-frills planner can be ordered online at for PhP200.00 only.

My sensibilities tell me to check out this particular bookshop again. I saw a couple of nice planners on display and they look so catchy and chic. I need to check first if their pages serve a certain functionality that I like.

Now I wonder what kind of planner everyone's getting for their busy 2011...


Lourdes Espanol said...

I want these same planners that's why I keep joining contests where it's the price. The Starbucks planner is just way too expensive for me.

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