Monday, November 22, 2010

Twister Fries McDelivery

Dear Me,


The buzz about the return of Mcdonald's Twister Fries spread like wildfire so much that I, myself, could not help but join the throng of people dreaming about it. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to cue in a long line just to have a box or two.

To satisfy a craving that had been eating me for days, I decided to log in at McDonald's delivery website, and order. After a minute or two, somebody called up and confirmed my food delivery.

McDo Twister Fries
McDo Twister Fries

Yes, I can finally say that I have tasted the twisted and curled french fries that McDonald's is offering! Despite being delivered, I still found my twister fries full of flavor and the its crunchiness awesome. The paper bag really helped in retaining its crispiness.

twister fries with sweet chili sauce
See how I enjoyed my craving? Hehehe. Sorry for the ickiness. I was so ready to start munching that I just dumped them in an available container (of the chicken with spaghetti) that I could grab on. Whenever I eat fries of any kind, mine always goes with sweet chili sauce as dip.

As for the rest of my food order, I had the chicken with spaghetti meal for my little boy. More like I had the chicken while the spaghetti went to him.

1 pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti
1 pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Miguel does not like to chew meat, whether they are the pork, beef, poultry type. A picky eater, if I may say so. So I have no choice but to devour this, too. Pretty crunchy but everytime I eat this part of a chicken, I sort of feel cheated. It's normally extra small in size and the feeling of "kulang" (lacking?) makes it all the more unsatisfying.

On the other hand, Miguel is a pasta lover. Whether it's home-cooked, dined in or a take-home from a restaurant and from fast-food shops. He is not a big eater but that time, he finished his spaghetti meal.

Burger McDo
Burger McDo

Also included in the order was their regular burger, which was intended for Miguel's snack a few hours after. I simply wished that they would evenly spread out the dressing to make it more exciting to eat. I often notice that they only squeezed in very little of it on top of the patty. I can even attest that the head of my pointer finger is bigger compared to the amount of dressing they put in the burger. I was just saying because the patty was quite dry and I was hoping it was softer in the mouth for a little boy to chew on. I was able to feed Miguel this meaty thing before and I had no difficulty.

regular Coke Zero - unopenedregular Coke Zero - half-empty

This drink came with the burger. It was quite spilled when it arrived home. I did not expect it to be full but I did not anticipate it to be half-empty. Not really complaining because food delivery is tricky with all those twists and turns a motor bike can maneuver. Besides, I am not your regular soda drinker. *winks*

By the way, the McDonald's Twister Fries is only here for a limited time! As of the moment, they're offering the Twist & Chill in their menu. Basically, it is Twister Fries with your favorite McFloat such as the Green Fizz Sprite McFloat (choice between regular and monster sizes) or the Coke McFloat (also available in regular and monster sizes).

Now, were you able to have a bite of twister fries? Do you have a favorite dip?


Lourdes Espanol said...

I love McDonalds Twister fries! it's yummier than your ordinary french fries.

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