Friday, January 28, 2011

Newest Toy: Sony Cybershot HX1

Dear Me,

I loved and still does love my old digital camera.

But it nearly conked out on me during our recent Hongkong trip along with another gadget, a Sony videocam.

Unlike the videocam that died (and never revived) during a cold visit at the Atoll Reef at Ocean Park, my champagne red digital camera was still functioning aside from one potential problem: the power button seemed to sink in the pit a little deeper than the usual.

I was so anxious because we still had three more days to go (and that day was still young to stop shooting) in our HK itinerary.

But we survived through it all with my pointer finger softly threading on eggshells, so to speak.

Hubby just gifted me this new toy to play. Actually, I have used it already a couple of times but never really got to toying with it. Oh, you know, the life of a solo busy mom!

Sony Cybershot HX1

It looks like a DSLR but it is not (I was told). I discouraged him to buy one unless he would be the one using it. Besides, I would not be caught toting that kind of toy anywhere when I had to manage my toddler without any company.

He bought this just in case the old one decided to retire so soon.

At first, I was hesitant to take this when we bought it. I preferred the little ones that I could just shoot in my bag. But when I held it the way it should be held, I was taken by it. Lighter and less bulkier.

As I said, I still have to learn its features before I can truly say I own it. :)

Up to now, the old one is still alive despite its physical defect. I love it and that is why I am still using it. :)

*More info about this cool gadget.


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