Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For the purpose of simply having a title, this entry is called Untitled.

I do not want to rack my brains over some ideas on what to put in the title tab. It is because I do not even know what to write in here. I have so many things to say but I really do not know how to start. My mind is scattered because I have so many things I want to do, so many ideas I want to work on but I feel so something.

It has been a long while since I have made updates. As what some people say, life happens. Sometimes, some things have to take a backseat so you can focus on the more significant and relevant things in life.

So why am I here? I do not even know the answer to that. But I got bored and needed a fresh start. Before, I had the desire to totally abandon this blog and start over but I have been here for years. Realizing that, I just let this piece float.

Boredom made me to tweak with my template. I did not even have to seek for a new design over the web. I simply had to tinker with this and that and clicked preview if I liked the outcome or not. If I did, click save. Since I have been so out of touch, I discovered that Blogger had introduced so many modifications and I am loving it.

I love the color combination of red violet and burgundy. It is quite refreshing to see these two color matches from my usual palette picks of purple (my favorite color) or brown (coffee-themed).

I also renamed my page because I really want it to be more personal. Simple explanation --- I love coffee and I am now, more defined, as a mommy.

Since I dislike clutter in a page, I threshed out some widgets in the sidebar. Keep it clean.

I dig my header! Hehehe. I know it looks so crude. I am no artist. I just tagged it all in with what I know about editing images. It looks so juvenile but what can I say, I love it! :) Although, I may have to change that sometime. I am gunning for a specific type of header --- images of coffee, books, fun and family! But that is for another boredom session or if I am quite lucky or feeling so sure, I will be most willing to shell out a little money to have it customized!

It is October and I can already smell the scent of the holidays. It is supposed to be snow flakes but there is something about the shape and the color that did not blend well with my new template. I opted for the drizzle of snow instead for it reminded me of holiday snow in New York City!

So much for not knowing what to write but I hope to be back on board.

image courtesy

Meantime, I am going to fix myself a hot mug of skinny latte!




  1. Welcome back! I hope to see more posts from you. :o)


  2. @Connie,

    Thanks. It is kinda hard these days when you have to juggle things. Hope to write as frequently as I can.


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!