Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frolicking At Coco Beach Island Resort

I am missing the idea of heading to the beach!

Just the thought of wading in the pristine water and spending the afternoon lying in the sand, reading a good book while sipping piña colada make me want to pack my bag and tag my 4 year old kid along!

I cannot be blamed for feeling like this. It has been a number of years since my bare feet has stepped on the sandy shore...doing my favorite things.

And this will be the place I will be booking myself (and my family) the moment I have the chance. Welcome to Coco Beach Island Resort!

I only took a few photos for I was more ecstatic to wander around and plunge in the water. I was with friends enjoying the weekend. We had a marvelous weekend getaway and it was so much F-U-N!

Coco Beach Island Resort is located in Puerto Galera in the province of Mindoro (specifically Oriental Mindoro). We were transported to this picturesque location via Coco Beach Express, your express pass that will directly bring you to the beach resort's sandy steps.

image courtesy

At 6:30 am, we were picked up at the Diamond Hotel (assembly place) by a white shuttle van owned by Coco Beach. The shuttle ride ended at the port and from there, we hopped in this cool Coco Banca. I remembered how fascinated I was to see the blue, serene waters so vibrant with marine life. Fishes were jumping out of the water and you could even see through underwater.

image courtesy

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of refreshing lemonade. Check-in was a breeze and our luggage were brought up to our respective rooms. By the way, our accommodations were awesome. Classic Deluxe, very fitting. Our beds were comfortable and clean. Very spacious and with its own private balcony where we all spent one night chatting and drinking a bottle of red wine. Also, one thing that I would never forget and that I liked the most was the ambiance of the rooms. The use of natural materials in the furniture gave the room a homey and cozy feel.

During that time, rain came pouring down for an hour. Not to dampen our mood, we simply took a dip in the pool that overlooked the beachfront.

took these photos right after the drizzle

Coco Beach Island Resort has a number of amenities and activities that will surely make your very brief vacation worthwhile. You can relax and pamper yourself in the spa, fun dive with the ooohhh six-pack abs men-of-the-sea, swim in the lagoon-shaped pool, earn that gorgeous tan, hit the balls in the tennis and basketball courts, engage in the following water sports like waterskiing, knee and wake boarding, banana boat ride, kayaking and glass-bottom boat ride OR simply shop for souvenirs in their shopping arcade. If you want to learn something new, they also conduct how-to-make-soap workshops. They also have e-cafe, tv/video room and mini-library. If you are food-tripping, they have a number of restaurants offering several cuisine.

Should you feel ill or injure yourself in a way, they have a medical clinic located beside the main pool. The doctor is sometimes on call so should you find him nowhere, simply ask the staff for him.

One thing that I am most looking forward to check out is their children's playground. Back then, it did not look like a kid's haven. It looked dilapidated and uncared for. My four year old Miguel loves to play and exhaust his energy in the playground. For him, it means endless fun!



PS. Coco Beach Island Resort offers exciting packages. Their published room rates are based on twin sharing and inclusive of buffet breakfast.

Coco Beach Island Resort
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, PH
T#: (+63) 2 521-5260/(+63) 2 526-4594
F#: (+63) 2 526-6903


  1. Seems like a cool vacation! I'll consider Coco Beach next time we hit Puerto. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haven't been to Coco Beach, but I have heard a lot of nice things about it. I hope to visit this place, too. :) Hi, Ivan. *teehee*

  3. @Lootwagon,

    Yeah, it is. I am looking forward to another PG vacation. :)


    You better check out PG. It's a cool place and I kinda love its exclusivity. :D

  4. Wow! I'm impressed! Everything looks great, including the room rates! hahaha Been ages since I had a proper beach vacation. I'm itching to go to the beach!!! Must invite my friends to check out this place :D Ganda talaga ng room and pool and beach! :D

  5. @micheatsandshops,
    I am longing to go back there myself. Go and get your friends and have fun! :)


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