Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I ♥ H&M

I like the fashion culture but I am never a fashionable person.

I get by with simple tops and the usual black slacks and pants. On appropriate occasions, I don skirts and dresses. At any given day, I choose to be comfortable and confident with what I wear.

I only brought a few pieces from my wardrobe when I arrived in Qatar, which I regret immensely. But it was also a blessing in disguise for I have discovered this wonderful shop called H&M. Operating in 43 markets worldwide, H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price.

Here are just some of my recent hauls (apologies for the crappy photos):

Don't you just love those skirts? Well, I do. :)

I am not sure if this is a worthy purchase but I love its flimsy fabric. I just hope that this one lasts.

perfect fit for me!

Hours ago, I was browsing their homepage for the latest collection. I ended up viewing the entire catalogue and I found fashionable pieces that I would like to own.

Made of 100% woven silk, this short-sleeved black top sports small, gold-coloured rivets and a concealed zip at the neck. One word comes to mind when I saw this: SLEEK...and I do not even know if that is apt. I wish they have my size.

Honestly, I have a lot of toilet bags and this pretty pink one in canvas with imitation leather details and a zip at the top does not stop me from owning another one. Lined and with three inner pockets to house your mini stuff, it also comes in black elegance.

Comes in black, bronze and silver. A make-up bag with a glossy, crackled surface and zip with a patent trim at the top. I prefer the black one but if they have it in purple, I would gladly trade it. :)

How does this one look to you? A ring or a bracelet? I assumed it was a ring but I am doubting it because it was under the bracelet tag. I still have to see this for myself. Either way, I am getting this one. I have a penchant for earrings, rings and bracelets especially if they are in metal or are expected to look like one. I am a wannabe goth and gypsy combined. Rigid opening bangle in lace-look metal with a large bevelled stone.

There are other fascinating pieces in their collection but for now, these are my most coveted items. :)

I wonder when will H&M open shop in the Philippines. In Asia, they opened in Singapore months ago, recently in South Korea and this week, in China. Come 2012, new stores will be launched in Indonesia and Thailand. When is our turn?



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  1. Hi!!! I think commented on this post before! Hhahaha I was agreeing with you that H&M should definitely have a store here! I love their stuff too! Just recently, I shopped online for accessories in H&M UK because they were on sale! Had my haul delivered to my bf's house there so he can ship it to me! hahaha Cant wait to get them! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog! :D

    - Mich


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