Tuesday, May 16, 2017

School Days of Yore

I was just checking my inbox a while ago and since I am a bookish gal, I am subscribed to various bookshop's newsletter. I realized that after a few more weeks, it will be June already. The month of June heralds the beginning of the school year back home. Thus, I receive offers and discounts on back-to-school shopping. They even provided a checklist to make the experience stress-free, which, back then, was a constant source of headache for parents (especially if you have a number of kids and you want the best deal ever).

But here in Doha, most of the school implements a September-to-June academic year. So while everyone I know in Manila are getting ready for the new school year, I am just waiting it out to end. 😊

On the other hand, I sort of miss the feeling of doing all those rushing about to prepare for the first day of class. I never had the chance of doing such for my son because he started his school years here in the Middle East.

I remember the times when my momma and I (and sometimes with my siblings) would go to the bookshop and malls (and Divi --- the possibilities are endless) to buy a new bag, pencil case, lunch box, pair of shoes, art materials and other school stuff. I get a kick when choosing my notebooks because I cannot seem to pick a limited number of notebooks with thousands of lovely covers to choose from (I am not sure if this statement even makes sense). I also buy extras for my journal.

But the most exciting part (aside from shopping for school needs) is the idea of the first day of school. Don't we all drool about meeting new classmates, friends and teachers? Of course,  we also get to experience bouts of anxiety by just thinking of something going wrong. Who wouldn't?

taken when he was in second grade
Looking forward to new things happening in school is something I want my son to experience. I wish the time will come that we will be able to come back (hopefully soon) and share those joyous and sometimes, nerve-wracking moments of being an elementary student and mom of a school kid in Manila. What can I say? My heart still beats for my beloved 💜PH💜.

 All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think. --- Ken Robinson


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