Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beauty Finds

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Of course, it would immensely help someone's self-esteem if that beauty will be highlighted with the stuff that the world is offering. I discovered a number of beauty stuff online and I thought, "wow, this is interesting," or "sure, that is something that I will buy for myself."

The first one that really appealed to me was one of the limited shades of Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar. There are two limited shades offered but I prefer the one called as Smoky Dust. It is your classic shade of dark brown with champagne shadow. I am not really into eyeshadow application because I wear contact lens and most of the time, I end up irritating my eyes. I may change my mind to acquire this product for it surely enchants me. Okay, I attribute that last sentence to the description given to these eyeshadow sticks for they are released under the Milky Way Fantasy Collection.
image courtesy from Laneige homepage

Another interesting beauty product that sounds so appealing is the Esfolio 2 Step Multi Oil Peeling & Cleanser. It is a functional cleanser that works two ways: it can be used as make-up remover and peels off old sebum and dead skin cells. I am not just sure if how the "peeling" happens but for practicality, make sure you use this when you do not have plans to go out. 😊

image courtesy from Esfolio homepage

The last beauty product that I came across was Benefit Cosmetics' Galifornia Box O' Powder Blush. This beauty brand has been offering a lot of bestsellers with their amazing design. This particular powder blush comes in a box with an admirable artwork print. With a golden pink powder blush and a cute blush brush and with a mirror to boot, I really would like to have this in my purse!

image courtesy from Benefit Cosmetics homepage

I took note of these to-own beauty products while I was in Manila. I did not have time to traipse around the city during my last vacation because of my mom's operation and other in-between important errands. I wonder if they are all available here in Qatar.

Next time you think of beautiful things, do not forget to count yourself in. --- Unknown

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