My name is Ivy and I am a book-aholic, coffee-holic and I love my family like crazy.

I am happily married to my ex-boyfriend-turned-hubby named Dex. We have a little boy named Miguel and he just turned four years old early this October. I have been working in the corporate world for seven years but decided to abandon it the moment I learned that I was conceiving. For the time being, I am doing freelance jobs from home.

For more than six months, our abode was somewhere in the world where heat and sand complement each other. And one thing that I noticed was that they could create amazing and unique skyscrapers!

♥ Manila is home and that is where my heart is! ♥

While sipping mug(s) of hot espresso, I take care of the family, work freelance, read books; these are the usual components of my daily life. The rest of my time is spent experimenting in the kitchen, whipping dishes, learning Italian, watching my favorite tv episodes, postcrossing, shooting images, et al.

I ♥ COFFEE! | I ♥ BOOKS! | book shops | book-shopping | libraries | bag-shopping | anything colored PURPLE | chocolates | Formula 1 | lemon juice | green mangoes | stickers | postcards | Starbucks coffee mugs |

Happy Reading!

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