From Wena

Dear Me,

I was just doing my usual-but-not-so-frequent-bloghops-lately and I bumped in
Wena's. She included me in her gratitude and links around the world tags. Aside from that, she bestowed my blog a couple of awards, too.

I only met this girl once, when we were still single. I attended a church service in their locale with a common friend, Jary a few years back. She seemed reserved but friendly.

We never got a second time to meet again but somehow, albeit rarely, we sort of bumped into each other online. And now, she's blogging here.

Wena, even though I'm not truly worthy of being given these recognitions, I want to thank you for sharing these with me.

I'll pass these along with the others. :)

PS. I do hope that we'll meet again someday.


  1. thanks din - sa pagkwento mo about how we met... hope to see u soon too.

  2. thanks din wena. hope to see you one of these days. :)


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