Saturday, May 31, 2003

21 May '03

Working Overtime...

I am still here at the office, working and takin' breaks in between. I wonder why things are happening when I have already made an almost 100% decision? Hmm...*think* Funny when I read this article in my fave broadsheet. It read: "Should I leave a job I love for high-paying work?" My case is different but the writer's option for that high-paying job is the one I am considering shifting gears at. I am leaving coz the work I used to love is not mine anymore. I love the new one but it seems I cannot get any self-satisfaction from it. Hmm...really, it bugs me.

A lot of things have been happening and I find them too coincidental. Are these signs that I should not hand in on my resignation letter a month after? I have thought about it Monday nite and I even told my mom despite the knowledge that she will say a blatant NO...


F1 Austrian Grand Prix


For the second time around, I watched the victory gained by my all-time fave F1 racer Michael Schumacher last Sunday. He won the race ahead of Finland's Kimi Raikkonen , [who is my officemate Pam-ski's favorite] and Brazil's Rubens Barrichello in the Austrian FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX in Spielberg - last Sunday! =)


Meteor Garden

It somehow saddens me to know that I will never be able to watch a TV show that I have been waiting for so long. Too bad, it airs every Monday afternoon. Ever since its first promotional appearance in the top network, I have been glued to the boobtube every weekend just to know when its timeslot will be. But alas, the waiting only made me frustrated.

I have been waiting for Meteor Garden for the longest time. It is a Taiwanese youth-oriented show that is quite popular in Taiwan, HongKong, Japan and Singapore. It features the well-liked singing group F4. It depicts the story of SHAN CAI, a working-class student played by Barbie Hsu His Yuan. Studying in a school of the well-to-do, she is harassed and bullied by her rich classmates, especially the F4 group. It will later on came to a point that DAO MING played by Jerry Yan, will fall for SHAN CAI because of the latter's fighting spirit. On the other hand, it seems SHAN CAI is falling for LEI played by Vic Zhou. He is the quiet violin-playing member of the group. He rescued SHAN CAI from a group of bully who tried to hurt her. The other casts are Ken Zhu as XI MEN and strong>Vanness Wu as MEI ZUO.

This is dubbed in the local lingua, Filipino. If it can be compared to the Mexican telenovelas, how shall we call this Taiwanese series TV show dubbed in Filipino? Oh, just my 2 cents' worth.


Mt. Everest

I have read and watched about the conquest of 2 great men on the world's highest peak, that of Mt. Everest. I don't know what it is but mountains always capture my entire being. Their picturesque beauty never fails to imprison my senses, captivates my inner self.

It is every mountaineer's dream to climb the glorious mountain. I share the same dream, too. But for now, I am contented climbing mountains after mountains. Climbing up entails hard work but when you reach the peak; when you see the beauty of God's creation, you will forget the pain, the bruises. It will all be erased and forgotten. At the peak, your eyes will appreciate what it can see and what it has seen. The moment will forever be cherished in memory.

To Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgayas well as to their sons, Peter Hillary and Jamling Norgay, I admire your courageous souls for inspiring others to reach the peak of the most daunting mountain ever.

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