Saturday, May 31, 2003

4 May '03

Hullo, blog! =)

I woke up pretty late this mawning. Probably fatigue has finally settled on me. The past 2 weeks had been so stressful to me. Aside from the physical strain, emotional overload is taking its toll on me. Ain't sure if I was really creating that load for myself but honestly, I wanted something that is quite extraordinary from
the usual routine.

I have started going to the gym to workout. The place was a little cramped with equipments and die-hard health buffs. My thinking of working out to attain a health fit does not involve equipments. I do jog my legs out during the early mornings of the weekends at the now-so-clean-and-kinda-safe esplanade of Roxas Boulevard. Afterwards, I will head towards the maze grounds of CCP
and PICC. Honestly, I find this customary activity relaxing. It lets my body transcends the physical mass weighing on me. My mind is void of the usual cares and curse of this errant world. All my senses can only experience this so-called "nirvana." Even only for a moment...


Hindi ba nakakainis yung haba na nga type mo, isang novel na nga eh, tapos biglang di mase-save or totally posting it did not work out?!

Now, that's really making me a little pissed off! GRRR....


It was great to see some good friends lately. I dare not elaborate
when and where. For some reason, my 2 close buds did rescue me. So, I wanna thank you both for always, never failing to be there. Thank you, LA and Jon. Up to now, I can still feel the shivers I got from that scary incident. Had I known, I would not have exchanged my already crafted sked in Congo with that...iww! I still feel yucky about it, though. Now! I do sound like a conio here! Hehehe! =)

Ei, you two! Thanks for picking me up at the Megastrip! Hahaha!
As usual, I got lost. But still, I made it. If it weren't for you both,
I would not have seen a few good people of Pex Town. Great to
see you peepz: Mariel, Jorry, Ispangki, Tina, Kiko, Gerald,
Con-Con, Abie, Czah, Miguel, Jhing, Paul
. It was also nice
to meet: Gheds, Vamp, Ever, Shey-Anne, HPants. I wonder if I missed mentioning anyone. Hmm...

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