Saturday, May 31, 2003

7 May '03

I feel so exhausted today. Not because I did a little workout but because I was physically and mentally drained from work. Darn! I don't think I am enjoying this new task anymore. Sometimes I feel like complaining but I cannot bring myself to do so. I wanna learn what I would have to learn. Complaining will not serve any purpose at all. Maybe I just feel so frustrated because
despite how hard I work my butt off, I still cannot accomplish the desired task. It did not even bring affirmative results. Even I, cannot accept the output of my hard work.

I wish tomorrow, I mean today's work will yield better, brighter results. Maybe that will keep my hopes and my enthusiasm up.

I decided I will be having a workout again. I should maximize the time while I still can. I will be pretty busier than ever. You know what? I am always looking forward in attending my workout sessions. The instructors are nice, friendly and accommodating. Bogs, Ronnie and Ricky are really great guys. They are also funny. Hehehe! =)

Oh well, I still have so many important things to do. Goodness! I forgot my scholarship and I haven't reviewed yet for my Nihongo evaluation exam. I have already forgotten the few words I have learned. I need time and I don not want to fail. This time, I want to really excel and get serious about it.

I wonder if my classmate in Nihonggo is still attending the Manila class. Hmm... I hope he still is. The last time we talked, he said he will probably attending the Makati class. Hehehe! I told him to still take the Manila class so I can have someone who can join me for breaks, review sessions. But unfortunately, I was not able to attend the last semester's class due to unwanted circumstances. Ei, dude! Hope to see you again.

Ei, blog! Gotta run and fix some stuff!


I checked my planner and I found out that my weekends for the month of flowers and beauty (hehehe! This is my birth month =) are already loaded with activities. I wonder how can I "inject" a few more skeds. Hmm...

Next weekend, together with some close buds: LA, Jon and Jary; probably Mariel and Jorry and somebody's "loves" Leigh will be hitting off the waters. We are planning to frolic in some beach resort to unwind and cool off the summer's sweltering heat. I hope we will be able to find a very suitable and comfy place to spend the weekend.

LA and I have find it hard to inquire where the great summer place will be. Almost all the travel agencies and some direct inquiries in beach resorts always give us this word: fully-booked. Well, our last option will be Island Cove in Cavite. Kinda near but better than nothing at all. Everybody needs to unwind.

I wish they can go to Puerto Galera. This island boasts of a beauty
so pristine, so untouched. I have spent my own frisking a few weeks back. All the things your eyes can see will surely utter from your mouth words of awe. Like a pup sumptuously licking its milk, I was more than contented.

A weekend after this, Saturday, that is - I will be watching a basketball game of some good buds of mine. It was nice I saw Kiko. He invited me to check it out and once more, yell and cheer for my dear Shohoku team. I really have some apprehensions showing up.
It was already a new team composed of a lot of new ones. The others whom I've known were now playing for other teams. Anyway, I will be cheering for teams I got friends at.

On Sunday, I have a company outing, a teambuilding of some sort. This will be held at Lagos del Sol in Caliraya, Laguna. Nestled in the imposing Lake Caliraya, this resort is situated in the heart of a lake kissed by the sun. much for engaging words of advertising. But I will really check this place out.

The following weekend after this, I will be attending a "much-awaited" wedding of a colleague. Well, they were childhood sweethearts. I have met Hector a couple of times before. Hey, Joy! How does it feel like you're almost near to saying goodbye to single blessedness? Well, I hope you'll have the bliss of a wonderful marriage. Best wishes!

For the last weekend of the fantastic month, I will be attending a
club meeting. I am looking forward to this event since I have
almost missed out a lot of activities since time immemorial.

With this schedule for the weekends, I wonder where I can schedule another outing to be arranged my college barkada. We are 11 in the group and almost all of us are scattered in the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. And a couple of them are somewhere off in Asia and Europe. I wish...

On the sides, I do workout in the gym during weeknites, after
office hours. I join dinner invitations from friends if not working out.
I am also starting to practice tennis and learn to play squash
during the weekend mornings of Saturday or Sunday. If weekends
are not as loaded as it is now, I do outreach activities organized
by my dear university or by a private group.

Sometime next month, I will be starting my Nihongo classes
again during Saturdays. My other skeds which were pre-planned
before the summer like attending photography class and taekwondo class were nowhere to be scheduled. I guess I have to focus on some activity first and try being good at them, maybe to a point of perfecting them.

Anyway, I'm not dying yet so I still have much time to accomplish
those tasks I have set for myself. Better than doing nothing at all....

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