Saturday, May 31, 2003

Last Sunday @ Mel and Jay

I rarely watched the boobtube for the fact I am entirely preoccupied the whole time and besides I really like watching (except watching late evening news, billiard & tennis matches and the thrilling F1 series).

The Mel and Jay show features Regine Velasquez, one of the country’s roster of talented performers. I never really appreciate the woman’s talent before. I am not really a person who is much inclined into music but upon hearing her voice on air and the songs that she sings, I found myself engaged into her and her soulful music.

I have known a lot of people who goes “gaga” over her and mostly they are men. I can still remember my ex-boyfriend who used to give me Regine CDs. We would drool over her songs and joked about it. We would comment on each songs ad how they perfectly suit us both. The lyrics of her songs are meant for real.

It was also two of Regine’s songs that he suggested for me to hear and how it perfectly suits me…alone. I wanted to hate Regine that time because wherever I go, it was always her songs that I hear. Hearing her again and again made me bitter and sarcastic about love. Only for a while…

It was also her songs that made me realize that love comes and love goes. That when you fail, there is always an option for you to stand again on your feet and learn to live again. Love maybe the only thing in the world but learn to let it go when it starts to unclasp its hold on you. The love you thought you have may leave you but always remember that love is just around the corner. In this world, we never run out of love…it is always there…

My next collections aside from bags and books will be Regine’s CDs.


I have a peeve against mushy stuff and normally I don’t have a craving to watch Tagalog movies for they are loaded much with it. But once in a while, I bring myself to watch some. I may not be nationalistic for not watching my very own but I do admire some of our talented pool of actors and performers. One of them is the well-respected Christopher de Leon. I have watched his film with Regine, Wanted: Perfect Mother. I may say it was perfectly crafted for them. And for the second time around, they will star in Pangarap Ko’y Ibigin Ka. Actually, I am looking forward next month to watching them on the big screen.

Don’t ask me with whom I will watch it. I will be watching it alone unless somebody invites me to watch it with him or her. I won’t readily accept any invitation unless I feel like going out with him or her or them, for that matter. Honestly, I would prefer to watch it alone. Watch it alone, laugh alone, cry alone…

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